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FOX News Interview #2: Michael Berg Speaks His Truth. Two Minutes Is All FOX Hosts Can Take

Reported by Marie Therese - June 9, 2006

Yesterday, Michael Berg, whose son Nick Berg was allegedly beheaded on tape by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, spoke by phone to the FOX and Friends trio, Steve Doocy, E. D. Hill and Brian Kilmeade. Mr. Berg is the Green Party Candidate for the U. S. Congress in Delaware. Earlier, Lt. Col. Bill Cowan spoke for eight minutes. The average FOX News guest spot is four minutes. Mr. Berg, an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, was cut off by a tight-lipped E. D. Hill after two minutes in which Mr. Berg was not really allowed to finish a thought. He was also cursed with a bad phone connection, a condition that was not in evidence in later telephone interviews with pro-war guests.

E.D. HILL: "Right now we're going to go to Michael Berg. He is the father of Nicholas Berg and, as we've been mentioning, of the two American deaths directly credited to the hand of al-Zarqawi, one is Nick Berg. Mr. Berg, tell us your feelings."

MICHAEL BERG: "Well, my feelings this morning are feelings of sorrow for the loss of yet another human being. I know he's the one that is supposed to have killed my son but I have learned to forgive a long time ago and I regret mostly that his death will bring about another wave of revenge from his cohorts in Al Qaeda."

HILL: "On the positive side, of course, he is the person who is despised by so many Iraqis for masterminding the massive killings of hundreds - thousands - of people there, so this, in essence, give hope."

BERG (clearly misunderstanding): "I don't think - I don't think that Zarqawi is himself responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. I think George Bush is."

HILL (overtalks last 5 words): "No. Hundreds or thousands. Hundreds or thousands."

BERG: "George Bush is the one who invaded this country. George Bush is the one that destabilized it so that Zarqawi could get in, so that Zarqawi ..."


BERG: "... had a niche to defend ..."

DOOCY: "He was in ... He was in there ..."

HILL: "Well ... "

DOOCY: "He was in there already."

BERG: "... this region of the country ..."

HILL: "That's true but I believe that the ..."

BERG: "... from American invaders."


HILL: "I believe that the argument, of course, would be that the American forces went in there and becau - and that followed hundreds of thousands, certainly, under Saddam Hussein being tortured and killed. In this case, al-Zarqawi ..."


BERG: "Yeah, like, like George Bush didn't ..."

HILL (keeps speaking over Berg): "... hundreds and thousands ..."

BERG: "... didn't OK the torture and death ..."

HILL: "... of people were killed ..."

BERG: "... and rape of people in the Abu Ghraib prison ..."

HILL: "... because of the direct orders of al-Zarqawi."

BERG: "... for which my son was killed in retaliation."


KILMEADE: "Did you read the New York Times Sunday? Did you see the killing fields that were exposed, sir? I'm amazed that you don't feel any - if you don't want to feel any relief that the person who beheaded your son is now dead and you want to blame George Bush ..."

BERG: "How do you know he did? How do you know he did? Because George Bush told you he did? Because the FBI that lies all the time ..."

KILMEADE: "Because he claimed he did. He was was spotted on video."

BERG: "... 'cause George Bush who's lied to the American people told you that?"

HILL (tensely): "Mr. Berg, I know that you're very emotional. There was video of it. He was identified in the video."

BERG: "Do you believe everything you see on television?"

HILL: "Well ..."

BERG: "I don't."

HILL: "... when I see video that has been authenticated numerous times ..."

BERG: "By the FBI."

HILL: "... by numerous sources ..."

BERG: "By the lying FBI, yeah."

HILL: " ... by numerous sources, I do. But I understand that it is a difficult time for you and we appreciate your time this morning joining us. Thank you."

DOOCY: "Alright. Michael Berg."

Mr. Berg's interview aired on Thursday, June 8, 2006, from 6:19 AM to 6:21 AM EDT.

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