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Bloodthirsty Sean Hannity On Al-Zarqawi Killing: “Those 500 pound bombs… It gives me Goosebumps.”

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2006

Iraq, always happy on FOX News, was even happier today with the killing of al-Zarqawi. But as happy as Iraq was, Sean Hannity was downright ecstatic. Speaking to General Tommy Franks, Hannity said, “General, I gotta tell you, when I got up this morning and I turned on the FOX News channel and I got to see that video, with pinpoint accuracy, those 500 pound bombs, one after another being dropped on this man and this location. I gotta tell you. It gives me goosebumps.”

The conversation with Franks was the first of a triple segment about the death of Al-Zarqawi. There were three guests, each of whom touted the death as a major success. As frequently happens, Alan Colmes was the only voice questioning the value of Al-Zarqawi’s death as opposed to his live capture. And Colmes was only questioning, not opining. Apparently, this piece of news is just too important to FOX to allow its audience to decide for themselves by having an expert taking the other side.

In response to Colmes' question, Franks said Al-Zarqawi's death is “extremely valuable” because “The people in Iraq see more evidence every day of their economy coming along, of their security coming along and Zarqawi is a piece of giving the Iraqis a chance to build for their own security. They see their politics come along, as we have seen announced within the last 24 hours…(Colmes started talking at the same time) Everything’s going to be GREAT!”

“I can’t watch this video enough,” Sean Hannity said as he showed a clip of the bomb blowing up Al-Zarqawi’s house for what must have been the umpteenth time on FOX News. “I get such a good feeling knowing the top level Al Qaeda operative we’ve got here.”

Query: How could two 500-pound bombs not pulverize Al-Zarqawi’s body beyond recognition? He looked relatively unscathed in the photos repeatedly shown all day today. (H/T to Marie Therese for raising this question in a behind-the-scenes email.)

The second panel consisted of two recipients of FOX’s Republican rehab: Disgraced Bernard Kerik (no mention of the just-begun criminal investigation into corruption and mob ties), rehabilitated as a frequent FOX News guest and convicted liar (overturned on appeal) Oliver North, rehabilitated as a FOX News host. Maybe FOX is just waiting for a criminal charge against Kerik before hiring him.

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” Hannity crowed to North. The two of them complained that the “mainstream media” (as if FOX News isn’t!) expressed reservations “on this day when America and the world ought to celebrate,” Hannity said. North just happened to have at the ready a few quotes from those with a different opinion to denigrate. Very fair and balanced.

Colmes asked, “Aren’t you a little premature to suggest that (Al-Zarqawi’s death) really changes the dynamic of the war?”

North, with his usual condescension toward anyone with whom he disagrees, insisted Al Qaeda is less of a threat now because “the leader is dead.”

Hannity told one of his bullyboy jokes to end Colmes’ conversation with North. “Hey, hey. You know what it’s like? Don’t kill their leader because they might get mad at us.”

While Hannity was busy preening and playing cock o'- the-walk, he never seemed to consider the news item reported by Harris Faulkner as the top story during one of the show’s newsbreaks. Faulkner said, “At least 40 people killed, more than a hundred others hurt. A couple of markets among the areas targeted.”

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