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Hypocrite O'Reilly Lies Again

Reported by Marie Therese - June 8, 2006

Last night during his nightly Talking Points Memo, host Bill O'Reilly was clearly trying to differentiate himself from Ann Coulter's manic commentary about the 9-11 widows. Consequently, he employed his favorite self-defense tactic and lied, telling his audience that he did not personally attack Cindy Sheehan, because to do so would have been "unproductive". (OK. OK. I know you're all on the floor laughing, but the poor man was serious!)

During his Talking Points Memo he said the following:

"Now, you may remember Miss Sheehan telling CBS News reporter Mark Knoller that the terrorists in Iraq were freedom fighters. My point was that Sheehan's description injured the families of U. S. servicepeople killed and hurt by those savages and the far left activist - Miss Sheehan - needs to be called on that, even if she did lose a son in Iraq. Now, if I had used a personal attack, my point would not have been as persuasive, I believe. So, if Ann Coulter is trying to persuade people to her view, the personal attacks are foolish. If she just wants to sing her choir a song, well, you can make money doin' that. I believe that, in the end, those standing on the high ground will win the culture war. The vicious fighter often loses to the smarter fighter." (June 7, 2006)

First of all, I'm glad that O'Reilly agrees that viciousness is weaker than intelligence. With those words, he wrote his own exit speech!

Secondly, as to his claim that he never personally attacked Cindy Sheehan, I offer the following:


O'Reilly Smears Grieving Mother As Flip-Flopping Tool of the Left, posted by News Hound Judy, including the following quotes. Crooks & Liars has the video.

Both O'Reilly and his guest, far-right pundit Michelle Malkin, criticized news outlets such as The New York Times for failing to report the flip-flop in Sheehan's feelings.

But O'Reilly left out a little crucial information himself. For starters, O'Reilly never mentioned that he was merely repeating a story from Monday's Drudge Report, another cog in the right-wing noise machine.

Drudge headlined his story, "Protesting Soldier Mom Changed Story on Bush." Except that she didn't.

The Reporter, from Vacaville, California, interviewed Sheehan after her family's meeting with Bush in June 2004. The article, "Bush, Sheehans share moments," makes clear that Sheehan and her husband Patrick wanted to confront Bush then about his policy on Iraq.

The Vacaville newspaper Tuesday dredged up its original story on the Sheehans and noted how the Drudge Report misused it. Referring to Sheehan's quote about the "gift of happiness" Bush gave them, Tuesday's story
in The Reporter said that, "Drudge included that quote in his Monday morning report, but didn't explain that it referred to sharing time with her family, not the president."

O'Reilly repeated the misrepresentation.

After setting the stage with quotes taken out of context, O'Reilly and Malkin went on to smear Sheehan. Malkin said Sheehan "has turned her private, personal pain into a public circus" with her demonstration.


Bill O'Reilly Makes Cindy Sheehan the Enemy, posted by Deborah

Bill O'Reilly changed his tone and tactics tonight dealing with Cindy Sheehan. There was no hint of sympathy for her as a grieving Mom or acknowledgement of her right as an American to protest this war that was responsible for her son's death. To O'Reilly, Cindy Sheehan is now a dangerous radical who refuses to pay her taxes; accuses the President of murder and claims the Iraq War is about oil. At one point he quipped that she'll be sending her income tax check to the terrorists in Iraq. (August 17, 2005)


From O'Reilly Factor Guests: Iraq's a Mess, the GOP's in Big Trouble and Islam Is a Terrorist Organization posted by Marie Therese

O'REILLY: "The Cindy Sheehan episode may be dying down now that everybody knows about her radical politics. Certainly middle America's not gonna embrace someone who believes the USA is a bad country. It's as simple as that. So President Bush caught a break with this one because some in the media are fair and balanced like this program. We highlighted Miss Sheehan's right to protest but defined her accurately. In fact more than 100,000 of you voted in our billoreilly.com poll which asked: Do you respect what Cindy Sheehan is doing? 81% say No - just 19% say Yes - and that's because of her radical statements. You know, it's very interesting. The reason I'm doing this - this is what they call in California 'closure' because I don't think there's any more to the Cindy Sheehan story. I think this is it because we last night ran some more clips of her sayin' America's a horrible country, it's always been a terrible country and it takes her out of the legitimate debate dissent in Iraq and puts her into a category of "Hey, I don't like America, I think it's bad, we need a total overhaul" and most people aren't gonna buy into that and so I think she's done ..." (August 24, 2005)


Wesley Clark Stands His Ground - Defends Cindy Sheehan, posted by Marie Therese, in which O'Reilly yet again smeared Ms. Sheehan.

O'REILLY: Now, you mentioned Iraq and it's interesting. I'm gonna go away from the hurricane just for a second with the General because I was very surprised, General, very surprised when I heard today you met with Cindy Sheehan and ...

CLARK: Well, I don't know why you'd be surprised, Bill, because ...

O'REILLY (interrupts): Because she - she is ...

CLARK: ... she's a ...

O'REILLY: ... an outright radical. She's a radical woman.

CLARK: She's a mother who lost a son.


CLARK: And I would meet with any mother who - or father - or brother - or sister - who lost a relative in the military whether they were in Iraq or anywhere else.

O'REILLY: Do you know how radical she is, General?

CLARK: Well, you know what I saw is a woman in a lot of pain.


O'REILLY: But I will tell you we disagree about this, gentleman to gentleman. You gave her credibility. She does not like this country. I feel bad for her loss. But her statements over the last month have ...

CLARK (shaking his head in disbelief): Well, I - Bill ...

O'REILLY: ... absolutely irresponsible and outrageous ...

CLARK (still shaking head): Bill ...

O'REILLY: ... and I - I am just flabbergasted. Go ahead. I'll give you the last word.

CLARK: I can't imagine that she doesn't like the country.

O'REILLY: Well, she said we committed murder.

CLARK: She supported her son serving in the armed forces and I can tell ya' there's a lot of people who wear that American flag pin who wouldn't let their children serve in the armed forces so I honor any parent whose son serves in the armed forces - or daughter.

O'REILLY: Alright, gentlemen's disagreement but just go back and look at the things that she said, General. I don't know if this is the company you want to keep. (September 24, 2005)


Q. E. D.

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