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FOX News Interview #1: Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, War Profiteer

Reported by Marie Therese - June 8, 2006

This will be the first in a series of posts about various guests who appeared on FOX News Channel in the three hours following the first announcement that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had died in an air raid. First up is a familiar face at FOX, Lt. Col. Bill Cowan (USMC-Ret). Since leaving the service, the Colonel has started his own security consulting firm, wvc3. He also appears routinely on FOX News as a paid Military Analyst.

From wvc3's website:

"wvc3 is an internationally recognized company with unique skill sets and experiences which are noteworthy and newsworthy. Team members can routinely be found on the leading cable and news channels, in corporate board rooms, and in senior level offices throughout government providing in-depth observations, opinions, and analysis on matters ranging from military operations abroad to homeland security issues here in the United States. At wvc3, “been there, done that” translates into superior services and products for government and commercial clients alike."

Cowan started off his interview by suggesting that al-Zarqawi's death will not stop the bombings, death and destruction in Iraq because a new leader will emerge to take al-Zarqawi's place.

Cowan said "I would guess that Zarqawi had a number of major operations planned for the next - upcoming - weeks and months and maybe, indeed, we'll see some of those things play out here shortly as the new leadership tries to demonstrate that it's around." Cowan went on to suggest that possibly al-Zarqawi might have gotten "a little full of himself" which led him to "put himself out in front" by running videos and criticizing Hezbollah.

"Zarqawi was getting up there," Cowan noted, "really beating his chest and maybe just a little bit too much for some of those around him. ... It is not inconceivable that Zarqawi was done in by his own people, because his own people were listening to bin Laden and saying 'We've got the get this guy out of here. We've already picked our successor for him. Let's get him aside. Let's turn him over, somehow, to the U.S. Coalition forces. Let's let them get him because we're ready to replace him with somebody who's more moderate, is not gonna be doing such drastic deeds against innocent people, but who is gonna continue the fight inside...'"

Cowan continued, "I think there's a real story to be told here still. When General Casey talked about the target, he said it was an isolated farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere and we'd been in the chase for Zarqawi. When Task Force 145 - it's Delta Force, it's Seal Team 6, there's Rangers, there's a very strong intelligence component - their principal job throughout Iraq has been chasing these high-value targets, Zarqawi being number one. And I think the details of how this operation went down have a long way to go before they're fully out there."

"We don't typically start out by dropping precision guided munition on a building we think a high-value target is in. We're typically gonna try and take that target. We'd have rather captured Zarqawi than killed him. So, we may indeed find out that we have been chasing the guy, that we had Task Force 145 elements close to him They may have engaged in a firefight and they may have decided that, rather than take casualties, they'd just bomb the place."

"And it's absolutely appropriate to give the Iraqis, particularly police, all the credit but we don't just start out by bombing places. That was a U.S. precision guided munition. The Iraqi police didn't call that in and it's more likely that we had some kind of ... battle there on the ground, something going on the ground, and this whole story about the involvement of U. S. forces in [Task Force] 145 probably has a ways to go."


wbc3 also has an affiliation with a company called ATS Worldwide Services. "ATS provides Training, Operational Support, Logistics, and Intelligence Services to a wide variety of clients from government and industry. Our services can be contracted at our primary training facility in Northwest Florida; or at the customer’s order, we are willing and able to execute our entire catalog at any location worldwide." (Source: ATS Worldwide)

In addition wvc3 has a distinct presence in the Middle East through its subsidiary, ForcePro.org, which is "an international joint venture company with offices in Reston, Virginia, Beirut, Lebanon, and Baghdad, Iraq. A 'solutions provider' based around US and Lebanese personnel with specialized military, government, commercial, and industrial experience, ForcePro employs multinational teams which include indigenous personnel from the country in which contract work is to be performed. Each ForcePro team is skilled and proficient in management, language, communications, and occupational specialty performance. Our techniques, tactics and procedures were not created on September 12th - our team members are recognized subject matter experts, having extensive experience in fighting terrorism throughout the world for decades." (Source: ForcePro.org)

Colonel Cowan is making oodles of money off both the war on terror and the war on Iraq.

The Colonel appeared in a double segment: 6: 09 AM - 6:13 AM EDT and 6:14 AM - 6:19 AM EDT

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