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Fox & Bolten Say UN Under Secretary Insults American People But He's Really Insulting Rush Limbaugh & Fox

Reported by Donna - June 7, 2006

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer a segment was done with correspondant Eric Shawn regarding remarks that UN Under Secretary General, Mark Mallock Brown had made.

From what Fox reported in this segment you would have thought that the American people were largely insulted, I heard two sources that were insulted, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

The following is my transcript between Bill Hemmer and Eric Shawn. Of course it was a Fox News Alert.

Bill Hemmer: After telling you about angry statements from the UN's number two man, Kofi Annan says he's standing by his statements from the UN Deputy.

Eric Shawn: Quite an explosive day at the UN. An undiplomatic attack on the American people. That's how U.S. UN Ambassador, John Bolten, views what the UN's number two man said in a speech. Under Secretary General, Mark Mallock Brown, accusing the Bush administration of not standing up to UN critics and claiming that it's Americans who are undermining the UN and it's efforts. Mallock Brown saying, quote, "Too much unchecked UN bashing and stereotyping going on."

Switch to video of UN Under Secretary, Mark Mallock Brown.

Mark Mallock Brown: Much of the public discourse that reaches U.S. heartland has been largely abandoned to it's loudest detractors, such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. That is what I meant by stealth diplomacy. The UN's role is in effect a secret in middle America. Even as it is highlighted in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Eric Shawn: Ambassador Bolten has now branded (this) as a quote, "Very grave mistake." The Ambassador believes he attacked the UN's largest supporter.

Switch to video of John Bolten.

John Bolton: Even worse was the condescending and patronizing tone about the American people. That fundementally and very sadly this was a criticism of the American people, not the American government by an international civil servant. It's just illegitimate.

Eric Shawn: Ambassador Bolten fears that Mallock Brown's comments will damage the UN itself and it's efforts at reform. As to (garbled), Kofi Annan's spokesperson, the Secretary Gerneral is standing by his comments and by the way, Bill, in the past Mr. Mallock Brown has praised Fox News.

Comments: Sure, he probably praised Fox News before he found out what they were truly like. Me thinks someone is being a bit sensitive here and I don't think it's the American people. I think it may be the parties of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. What did they think? That they could continually berate the UN and not hear anything back? It's about time someone with some backbone stood up to these supposed 'news' media who try and legislate across the airwaves from their studios.

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