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Katy Bar the Door, The Immigrants Are Invading the Heartland

Reported by Chrish - June 4, 2006

In keeping with the Fox theme of overwhelming fear of terrorists, liberals, and immigrants, yesterday 6/4/04 on Heartland host John Kasich began his segment on immigration with the loud statement “there’s something about immigration that you should know.” The chyron underneath read “staggering numbers.”

Kasich then began his interview with Robert Rector, of the domestic policy studies division of the right wing Heritage Foundation, which according to People for the American Way, was founded by millionaire Joseph Coors and right wing Christian Paul Weyrich and heavily endowed by Richard Mellon Scaife. Kasich didn’t mention that Rector recently wrote an article in the NY Post (Murdoch paper) entitled “Tidal Wave, the Senate’s loony immigration bill.”

Kasich made the assertion (from Rector’s numbers) that under the Senate immigration bill, the number of immigrants being granted “amnesty” would jump from the 11 to 28 million category to 100 million. On cue, Rector, said “that’s right, this amnesty will take it far beyond anything we’ve had before.” He then discussed how these immigrants are low skilled high school dropouts who will cause a huge increase in welfare. (Comment: welfare – a word that definitely gets the attention of the Fox audience)

Kasich then concluded the segment by mentioning that the immigration figures (initial numbers of immigrants and costs) from the Congressional Budget Office, 20 million at a cost of $2.8 billion, were lower than Rector’s figures of 60 million at a cost of $50 billion. But, he added that as the Congressional Budget Office has “lied before,” how can we trust them now?” (Comment: guess those deficit and war cost figures are all wrong, too – don’t worry be happy. And speaking of misinformation, how bout those WMD’s?)

Comment: Mr. Rector cites the fact that these immigrants are low skilled – well, duh, they are being “imported” by industries that need cheap labor who won’t complain about low wages and poor working conditions, industries whose owners make huge profits from this unskilled labor. And when discussing welfare, Rector did not mention the federally mandated time limits and work requirements. If he is referring to food stamp and health care costs for the working poor, he should know that these are benefits for folks who don’t make the money or have the same health care as he and his Heritage pals benefit from. And interestingly, Rector’s information has been refuted by the libertarian CATO Institute. But did Kasich bother to do any research on the issue or provide a dissenting view – no, because those Heartland viewers need to be real scared of this group of brown people who are, according to the nativist right wing, trying to take over the Heartland – an area that was settled by immigrants from a foreign country.


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