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Backstabber Neil Cavuto's Double Standards

Reported by Melanie - June 3, 2006

In mid-June, 2005, Fox News announced that it had hired Gen. Wesley Clark as a "Foreign Affairs Analyst." At the time there were some applause and rumblings about how Fox might be trying to actually become more "fair and balanced," which, of course, seems absurd now.

Over the past year, Clark has appeared on Your World w/Cavuto roughly eight times, maybe less. Thursday was one of those times. Clark was on to respond to Cavuto's charge that the media "jumps all over" stories "purporting to show soldier atrocities" but it gives "passing coverage" to the "brutality of constant insurgent attacks."

Correctly, Clark completely disagreed with Cavuto's premise and rightly insisted that no, the media gives lots of coverage to the constant insurgent attacks.

OK, so, Clark, one of Fox's purported "liberals," makes an appearance and, even though Cavuto interrupted him so many times he could hardly make his point, it was a "fair and balanced" segment, with Cavuto arguing the conservative, "it's-the-media's-fault," point of view.

But Fox doesn't let the appearance of a "liberal" end there. Unlike with his nut case conservative guests, such as William Donohue, who has appeared on Your World twice in recent weeks, Cavuto brings up the rear the following day by bashing the "liberal" via the mail he reads at the end of the show.

Here are the letters about Clark's Thursday appearance that Cavuto read on Friday (June 2, 2006):

-Neil, thank you so much for standing up to Gen. Wesley Clark. If we were losing our traction in Iraq, as he says, it would be because of liberals like him no supporting our president and our mission.

-As a former enlisted man, it scares the hell out of me that Wesley Clark was at one time a general.

-Cavuto, you should be very dizzy after letting Wesley Clark spin your top.

-Cavuto, I came across you attempting to save the great General Wesley Clark. You are a weak specimen of manhood.

-Thanks for putting General Clark in his place.

-Cavuto, why, oh why do you insist on wasting your precious time with that potato head Clark??!!! Give it up, man! Next time, hire a concrete wall to interview. You'll be much further ahead.

Comment: Again, Cavuto never, and I mean never, reads hate mail like this about his conservative guests. That devious, malicious exercise is reserved solely for Democrats, progressives, and liberals.

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