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Special Report Finally Gets Around to Discussing Haditha Massacre

Reported by Janie - June 2, 2006

During the second portion of the "All Star Panel" on Special Report with Brit Hume last night (6/1), Hume & Co. decided to tackle (finally) the Haditha massacre. Since the incident was revealed to the public, Special Report has done scant stories on the disturbing events and their aftermath, but last night the three "All Stars" tackled it with their usual callousness and foolishness.

Jeff Birnbaum opened the panel in typical Fox fashion - ignoring the real issue and attempting to place blame on the Democrats, "It's clear that something terrible has happened here, although it is going to be increasingly difficult for the marines or anyone else to investigate this because it was so long ago. Nonetheless, the real danger here is political in the sense that this aberration might be used in the same way My Lai was used during the Vietnam war."

Hume goaded, "Used by whom?"

Of course, Birnbaum took the bait, "Used by critics of the war to undercut the whole reason for the Iraq war."

Comment: And that was?

He continued, " And in fact, the new Prime Minister of Iraq said something that I think should be troubling to a lot of Americans, and that's he believes disrespect for the citizens of Iraq by the multinational forces are commonplace, or common. At least that's the translation we have in the reports today. That certainly is not the case, the Iraqi people are being protected by the American soldiers and by the other soldiers that are there. If this took place, it is terrible, but it is also isolated."

Comment: Aren't we supposed to be listening to what the Iraqis are saying? Especially the new government? Instead of ignoring this and sweeping it under the rug, why don't we actually look into these allegations made by the Prime Minister?

Sadly, Birnbaum is incorrect, as more and more stories are flooding in regarding misconduct by our wildly overstretched soldiers. (WARNING: The first link includes graphic photos at the bottom of the page. Do not scroll down on the page if you do not wish to view the photos)

Fred Barnes (or in this case, evil incarnate) downplayed the incident, while at the same time claiming Abu Ghraib was no big deal, "Who does the Iraqi Prime Minster think liberated 25 or 26 million Iraqis? It wasn't France, that's for sure. I agree with Jeff, I think this looks like it's going to be a huge political problem for the Bush Administration. In the United States, where the political left will try to make this the symbol of what the Iraqi intervention is all about. They certainly tried that in the Abu Ghraib prison case, which they didn't really achieve it, I mean, even though it was easily the most overplayed and exaggerated story of the decade, it really didn't grab the people in quite the same way.

Comment: So torture by the hands of Americans is no big deal? What kind of world are we living in?

Hume, feigning shock, set Barnes up to carry water for the Administration as he does so skillfully, "Why do you say that about Abu Ghraib? I mean, the president himself has said that was the single biggest mistake that was made in Iraq."

FB: "I don't think so at all, you had a few national guard people who ran amok, there was no planned torture or policy of torture. It was wildly exaggerated. And if the President thinks that's the worse, then he's just plain wrong. Mort's wrong – there was no cover up – I know, you said that was alleged, but there was obviously no cover up. It got to the Marines at a reasonably high level in February and it's been investigated ever since. There are two investigations going on right now. One by the Navy, and one by this Army General and obviously Congress will do one. We'll find out what happened. We know there were 24 dead bodies, we know this was a terrorist strong hold, we'll find out if the attacks were unprovoked or not.

Comment: Obviously no cover up? Lying to superiors and not investigating for four months is usual business?

We'll find out if the attacks were unprovoked or not? Yeah, I'm sure the little toddlers were running around with grenades and Kalishnakovs. Why do these right-wing pundits, whom want the death penalty for women that have abortions, have no problem with infants and toddlers being murdered for no reason?

The segment continued in a mild fashion, with Birnbaum and Mort Kondracke discussing how the effects of this massacre could be lessened - politically for the Bush Administration.

JB: "I think the speaking out loudly and often is going to be a help to Bush..."

MK: "I'm surprised and gratified that we haven't had the kind of orgy of national flagellation that we had after Abu Graib, so far. There were 24 people killed, a small group of people did it, I think if they are punished and this all comes out, I think it can be overcome."

So the segment boiled down to only 24 people were killed, a small number of Marines were involved, how will this hurt Bush politically, it's going to be TURNED INTO (as though it's not) a big deal by Democrats, and Abu Ghraib was nothing.

Compassionate Conservatism my ass!

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