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O'Reilly blames Internet for child-molestations

Reported by Chrish - June 2, 2006

Tonight 6/1/06 Bill O'Reilly was again on his Jessica's Law soapbox, railing at the latest adult woman to be charged with raping a 16 year-old boy (she's probably nuts), 2 legislators from separate states who are holding up passage of JL in their states (far-left, dithering, major villains) , and states who will probably not ever pass the law (hopeless). As a bonus his researchers have uncovered someone allegedly selling videos online of cheerleaders, further fueling the charge that the Internet is the breeding ground of all that is evil.

O'Reilly names the woman charged with rape in New York, calling her dopey and crazy. The boy is 16; the age of consent in NY is 17. He says not only has this crazy, dopey woman Injured the boy, she's also hurt her own two daughters, and plenty of other people.

Comment: Unlike the Duke boys, this woman has been tried and convicted of her charges in one day. Any injury she inflicted on her mortified daughters has now been compounded 1,000 times by big-mouth O'Reilly, who willfully used her to make his larger point: that the Internet has demolished boundaries in this country. Aberrant behavior becomes normal, and people can lose all perspective with the click of a mouse. Children face more danger from adults as a result.

I contend that cable television has done as much if not more damage. After school kids can turn on "Your World" and see nearly-nude Paris Hilton erotically soaping up a car, or Pamela Anderson doing a pole dance. If they're late getting home from after-school activiites they can catch the phone-sex video of the latest hot teacher (played at least eight times in one segment I monitored) on Hannity and Colmes. Watch FOX TV's highest-rated "family" shows and get 6 of the Parent's Research Council's 10 worst family TV shows.

O'Reilly winds up his rant by saying "Harming children will not be allowed in America. If you do it, you'll pay a big price."

Once again the power of national TV is abused to smear and slander individuals. O'Reilly has signalled his intent to go after the Internet, demonizing it and its users to his narrow-minded audience. I'd wager that most of his fans are afraid to get on the Internet for fear of what might offend them - which keeps them sufficiently ill-informed to keep on believing Bill O'Reilly.

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