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Will Bill O'Reilly Be Bashing Harvard For Lowering Standards?

Reported by Deborah - June 1, 2006

Bill O'Reilly was quite upset that California is considering granting college aid to students who have fulfilled all the course requirements for High School graduation but are unable to pass the standardized test.

"Yes, these kids passed their courses, but they flunked a very easy exit exam six times. If people in California are being forced to pay for people to go to college who can't even graduate from high school, then all standards collapse. I think you're eroding the discipline of education."

Since obviously O'Reilly has high standards for our educational institutions it's quite surprising that he hasn't covered a story, on The Factor, about Harvard that would clearly illustrate his point about " eroding the discipline of education."Maybe he just hasn't gotten around to doing it yet, or maybe he's avoiding it because it concerns Bush.

It was reported this past weekend that the President's personal assistant will be earning his MBA at Harvard Business School this fall. Everyone can accept the fact that his connection to the President helped him get accepted to this very competetive school but there's one issue that makes this story outrageous. It seems he never finished his undergraduate degree and in fact dropped out after one year and still Harvard accepted him.

This is major string pulling and certainly worthy of some BOR outrage especially since it happened at Harvard which O'Reilly regularly hammers with self righteous gusto. If he does choose to report it, he will need to backpedal about his endless claims of Harvard's unfair liberal agenda. Then, of course the White House, wouldn't be too thrilled and his friend Tony would be forced to field some unpleasant questions.

It's interesting to imagine how quickly O'Reilly might have covered this story if it were Clinton's assistant getting into Harvard Grad School without graduating college first. Dick Morris would be called in for an emergency double segment for sure.

I'm sure it's on the schedule for tomorrow. After all, Bill O'Reilly would never pass up a chance to go after Harvard. Would he?

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