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O'Reilly Won't Face Haditha Honestly Like A Concerned American

Reported by Deborah - May 31, 2006

O'Reilly is on on a campaign to diminish the importance of the incident in Haditha turning it into an opportunity to smear concerned patriots like John Murtha who has spoken openly and critically about the incident and it's implications .Last night on the Factor, O'Reilly refused to objectively explore Haditha and it's ramifications choosing to single out John Murtha for speaking out saying,

"This has happened in every war, and the breakdown has to be dealt with effectively. But to draw a wider implication when 95% of the forces are performing heroically is brutally unfair. But Murtha indicts the military, and I'm mad about it. He doesn't have the stones to come on this program and back up what he says."

Tonight O'Reilly continued pointing fingers during his Talking Points segment blaming the "left wing" press and "the John Murtha's" claiming that that many people believe that Bush is evil and his policies led to Haditha and Abu Ghraib. Then he used the tired cliche about one bad apple which he changed to " one bad child" does not ruin a family. Taking the victim route, he wondering why people rejoice when bad things happen to this country. As usual he ended with a threat to anyone who uses this incident to "besmerch" the reputation of the country promising to "call them out" on the FACTOR.

An uneventful interview with Condoleezza Rice followed and O'Reilly tried unsuccessfully to get her riled up about the prospects of his " left wing press' attacking Bush and Rumsfeld over Haditha. Rice, appearing detatched and unconcerned, spouted some talking points about Haditha but would not engage in his game.

O'Reilly did not mention the concern expressed by Congressman Murtha about the stress our troops are dealing with that might have motivated the violent reaction in Haditha. Murtha told Charles Gibson,

" The reason we’ve lost the hearts and mind is these troops are under tremendous stress. Day after day these explosive devices go off, and if they don’t kill them that day, they hurt somebody, they wound somebody. And I see them at the hospitals. I see - they don’t know who the enemy is, they don’t know who they’re fighting, Iraq – and then they kill innocent people. There’s no question in my mind about what happened here. There was no gunfire. They killed four people in a taxi and then in addition to that, they went into the rooms and killed them. And I don’t know how many were involved in it, but it’s something that we cannot excuse. I can understand it, but it can’t be excused."

Comment: Why isn't the great " culture warrior" showing any concern for the anguish and confusion our young soldiers are feeling fighting this war. If O'Reilly really cared about our troops, he would try to make their experience real to the American public and he would try to open his own mind to the possibility that there are serious problems within the military creating unending chaos and heartbreak for everyone. If he were really a concerned American, O'Reilly would face Haditha squarely instead of encouraging a Swift Boat consciousness in his impressionable viewers.

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