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Fox Promotes Republican Senatorial Candidate & Bashes Senator Hillary Clinton In Same Segment

Reported by Donna - May 31, 2006

Today on Fox News Live with Gregg Jarrett substituting for Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) Fox managed to promote a Republican Senatorial candidate and bash Hillary Clinton at the same time. Jarrett's guests were Kate Griffin, Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Virginia and Doug Schoen, Fox News Contributor and former advisor to President Clinton.

The screen flashed 'You Decide 2006', "Steeling" Maryland. Then the banner read, 'Lt. Gov Michael Steele, the Democrats Worst Nightmare?'

The following is my transcript between Gregg Jarrett, Kate Griffin and Doug Schoen.

Gregg Jarrett: President Bush heading to (the) state of Maryland to raise millions of dollars and try to ramp up support of the 2006 midterm elections. Democrats already bring out their big guns, the reason? This man, Michael Steele. The Lt. Governor, who is campaigning and he is gaining momentum. He is posed to break the political stronghold that Democrats have had on the state for decades. He's a Republican.

Jarrett then introduces Kate Griffin and Doug Schoen.

GJ: Kate, the decades long stronghold of the Democrats in Maryland has been based in large part on the fact that the states substantial African American population just won't vote Republican. Is Michael Steele, as our own Robert Novak predicts, the Democrats worst nightmare?

Kate Griffin: Well, not their worst nightmare, but certainly Maryland Republicans best hope for winning a United States Senate seat. Michael Steele has a message, a positive message of hope and empowerment and opportunity. He is the American success story. First in his family to go to college, to earn a law degree. Raised by a single mom in a segregated city. (Comment: She didn't mention which city) And then the first African American elected to statewide office in Maryland. There (are) just great opportunities here.

GJ: Sure.

KG: Steele, as well as Lynn Swann and Ken Blackwell in Ohio.

GJ: Yeah, Swann is running for Governor in Pennsylvania.

KG: Yeah.

GJ: Doug, we're short on time (Comment: Already?) let me go to you. You're the polling expert. Michael Steeles own survey shows that he's going to garner a bare minimum of 14% of the black vote, maybe 44 percent (Comment: What?! 14, maybe 44?) and if he gets 25% then he's the winner. What do you thinkk of those numbers?

Doug Schoen: I don't think the numbers are accurate. I think that the polls I've seen show him with under 10 percent of the black vote. He's trailing the two likely Democratic contenders, Representative Ben Cardin and former Representative Kweisi Mfume by 5 to 10 points. You had President Bush up on the screen with him. Bush will be in Maryland tonight, Steele will be in Las Vegas, staying as far away from a very unpopular president. I don't think Mr. Steele is doing particularly well and, with his flap about stem cell reaearch, comparing it to Nazi Medical experimentation.... (overtalk by Kate Griffin, guess she didn't want this out there)

GJ: Wait just a minute, Kate. President Bush and there is a point here for better or worse, is the head of the Republican Party. His approval rating is abysmal, I think you would agree with that. So, Michael Steele is doing something that's pretty darn smart. He actually criticized the president on issues that really resonate with African Americans on edcuation and importantly, Katrina. Here's what he said to our Robert Novak: (And they put the statement up on the screen)

"In the eyes of blacks, Katrina was a 9-11 event. You didn't fly over 9-11. You got on the ground in the rubble. (Bush) should have been on the ground for Katrina." Steele to Novak, 5//29/06

GJ: Look, I don't imagine, Kate, that too many Republican leaders are going to be grumbling over that kind of criticism of the president, would they?

KJ: No, you know, Michael Steele has made it very clear that he is his own man. He talks about issues that are important to him and issues that are important to people in Maryland. And they're important to Republicans and Democrats. Look, in Maryland Democrats outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1. Michael Steeles message is resonating, the Democrats are in complete dissaray (Comment: Republican Talking Point Alert - Beep!). They can't agree on a candidate and they're resorting to dirty tricks (Beep & Beep!).

GJ: Doug, let me switch subjects, I think we have a live shot of this. Hillary Clinton is accepting the nomination for reelection in New York as the Senator there. (Shows Senator Clinton speaking in the background at a podium) She put out this very elaborate videotape, highly produced, her own husband talks about how wonderful she is. (Comment: So, a lot of husbands would say how wonderful their wives are) Look, she doesn't really have any opposition in New York, so isn't that videotape put out there to promote her run for president?

DJ: I think the video was put out there to talk about her record and her partnership with her husband, Bill Clinton, which, by all accounts has been extraordinarily successful.

GJ: How is that relevant?

DJ: Oh, I think it's relevant in that she was the first lady of the United States. Sh'e's running on not only her record as a senator, but on (overtalk by Jarrett)

GJ: ....Yeah, but what's she running for?

DJ: I'm sorry?

GJ: What's she running for?

DJ: She's running for reelection as a U.S. Senator and by all accounts...(overtalk by Jarrett)

GJ: (Sounding incredulous) Why would you spend all that money on this videotape and send it out there if you're a shoe in?

DJ: Well, she's not spending a lot of money on it. There is a State Nominating Convention where she's being nominated by acclimation. And, I think you want to give delegates at that convention a clear sense as to what she's accomplished....and why....(overtalked by Jarrett)

GJ: You know what, Doug, she could take a European vacation until November and she'll still be a shoe in. (Comment: Boy, and it's killing them isn't it?)

Comments: Overall a push for the Republican candidate and an effort to diss Senator Clinton. We received way out numbers by the candidate himself while the polling person said those numbers were completely wrong. Then we had the standard Republican talking points from the Republican guest.

And why are they bashing Senator Clinton for making a videotape? I don't know where that came from. I think the Democratic guest handled himself quite well on this segment.

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