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Desperate to Create Scandal Where None Exists, FOX Hosts Smear Senator Harry Reid

Reported by Marie Therese - May 31, 2006

Yesterday morning on FOX & Friends Steve Doocy, E. D. Hill and Brian Kilmeade engaged in what I can only describe as malevolent, premeditated character assassination aimed at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

It's truly hard to describe in words just how smarmy this segment was, how it oozed with self-righteous indignation and phony histrionics over absolutely nothing!

Drawing upon an Associated Press story by John Solomon (which they never bothered to cite), the trio implied through word and gesture that Reid was taking payola from the Nevada Athletic Commission in the form of free boxing tickets when, in point of fact, he voted AGAINST the Commission who was supposed to be "bribing" him! (TPM Muckraker has the real story. It seems this was John Solomon's second failed attempt to dig up non-existent dirt on Reid, the first being spurious claims that the Senator took money from the notorious Jack Abramoff.)

This disgusting display of yellow journalism was made all the more nauseating by the fact that the pestilentially perky Ms. Hill was dressed in a yellow suit and bobbed her bleached yellow head while her oh-so-glossy lips pretended to be offended by Senator Reid's scandalous behavior.

Never mind that Senator Reid did nothing unethical. Since when would the truth or the facts stop "Ma" Hill and her Babbling Boys from their gleeful pursuit of slime and sleaze?

Sadly, there are many Americans who now wrongly believe that Senator Harry Reid is a conniving, thieving, lying, hypocritical so-and-so who should be run out of Washington on a rail.

Which is exactly what the White House wants them to believe.

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