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Bill O'Reilly calls Jeremy Glick interview most offensive ever - the feeling is mutual.

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2006

Bill O'Reilly was a guest of guest host Megyn Kendall last night 5/28/06 on The Line-up, in some kind of Bill O'Reilly memorializing weekend. As part of the interview she asked him who were his most memorable guests, for better and for worse.

O'Reilly thinks that interviewing Bush was his most memorable, saying he grilled him pretty hard. You can read Marie Therese's transcripts here, here, and here and judge for yourself if they were softballs or not.

O'Reilly says that the interview "put him (Bush) over the top." Yes, your "humble correspondent" is claiming to have altered history with his keen journalism skills. A clip was shown of O'Reilly saying to Bush "This is really a tough one. Iran. Said yesterday, hey, we're going to develop this nuclear stuff, we don't care what ya think. You ready to use military force against Iran, if they continue to defy the world on nuclear?" He continued this smooth questioning until it was established that "we" won't tolerate a nukular Iran, and all options are on the table. Diplomacy is the first option, of course.

Birth of a meme.

Triumph the Insult Dog was second to Bush. O'Reilly said his interviews with US Representatives and Senators prepared him for interviewing a puppet. Why does the big BORe hate representative government?

Not that this would have been scripted or anyhting, but O'Reilly had a rapid response for the next "question": "Most offensive interview, or the one you got most offended by. "


"Jeremy Glick. This guy comes in after the attack on 9/11. His father was killed in the World Trade Center, he comes in, he signs an advertisement that says America is a terrorist nation. (X - read the statement.) I get him in here and then he says 'the alleged attack on the World Trade Center', (XX - read the transcript) implying that the US government had something to do with it. I was so angry and appalled, and the 'far-left' has made this guy into a hero, this guy Jeremy Glick, and it was just revolting. And if I could have whacked him I would have. I got 29 people in my area in Long Island, dead, and this guy's saying the US government - implying, I should say - the US government had something to do with this? Aaayye, it was just off the chart. And I'm glad I gave him what-for; I did give him what-for, you might remember that, and I'm glad I did."

Kendall remembers it, saying it was one of the more-watched interviews. Yeah, millions of people saw the whole disgraceful, rude display of arrogance in Outfoxed. Nice to see that O'Reilly's still wistful over doing physical harm to Jeremy; good thing the producers did hustle him out before O'Reilly could "whack" him.

Next Kendall asked him if anyone stood out as "touching" him, or "got to" him, as he's interviewed so many families of Iraqi fallen soldiers and 9/11 families. O'Reilly replied that "First of all, I have no feelings, as anyone who watches The Factor knows. I'm totally numb, a sociopath." They both laugh - I don't get it - and Kendall says "You said that, not me!"

O'Reilly then procedes to evade the question and goes on about his work for children and how proud he is of that. He's also proud of his charity investigation after 9/11, where he "went up against George Clooney and these other pinheads", and says they've done a lot of good on The Factor. As long as he's breathing, that's the way we're going to do it.

Comment: It's fascinating that he could spit out "Jeremy Glick" in a split second as the most offensive but couldn't come up with one or two names of people who have touched him. Maybe he does have feelings, but they're not positive. He's angry, outraged, offended, indignant, righteous and proud, but like Bush unable to come up with one mistake, O'Reilly couldn't come up with one person who touched him. He's done this nasty shtick for so long it's become reality.

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