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"Best Of Bill" A Revealing Collection Of Moments

Reported by Deborah - May 29, 2006

Megyn Kendall hosted the third " Best Of Bill" shows tonight and the collection of segments shown showcased O'Reilly's favorite themes and greatest personality flaws. Of course, the Michael Moore interview at the 2004 Democratic Convention made the cut. 5/29/06

Judge Judy and Bill chatted about the need for parents to instill values and a sense of responsibility in their kids. O'Reilly loves to become the voice of responsible parenthood with a concern for the moral decay destroying our youth. He was sure to tell Judge Judy about his strict upbringing and she was filled with approval telling him that was the reason he was " a productive adult".

There was an interview with Simon Cowell, American Idol, from 2002 where O'Reilly is actually criticizing Simon for being so mean to the contestants. O'Reilly admitted he too could be mean making the excuse that he is forced to deal with PHDs unlike Cowell. It was interesting to note BOR's ability to feel sympathy for Cowell's humiliated victims while maintaining a blindness to his own insensitive treatment of guests.

O'Reilly has always believed he came out on top when he debated Michael Moore at the Democratic Convention in 2004 but tonight that segment had a very different impact. Moore's statement that Bush lied to get us into war is an accepted truth of much of the population and approximately 70% don't approve of the job Bush is doing so O'Reilly's faulty intelligence argument looked lame and ridiculous. Who made the choice to include that segment as an example of "best"?

Going back to O'Reilly's first show, an interview with Jocelyn Elders was shown. Dr. Elders was part of the Clinton administration and there was a big scandal because she acknowledged masturbation in high school students. O'Reilly's approach was no different back in 1996 telling elders that parents don't want masturbation taught in school. Elders responded that kids don't need instruction. Then he went after her because she advocated legalization of marijuana. Of course, O'Reilly had the most predictable arguments that we've heard over and over on his show. This segment offered a bit of sex and Clinton bashing which are time honored themes on The O'Reilly Factor obviously started on opening night.

comment: If tonights offering represents O'Reilly's best then no one needs to wonder why he's losing the younger demographic. I found it strange that O'Reilly hasn't grown in the last 10 years. Maybe it's time for the " Culture Warrior" to spice up his repetoire. Too bad he's alienated most of the world and can't find any guests.

note: Wording changed to reflect that 70% disapprove of Bush's job performance.

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