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John Gibson Knows Caribou Will Be Fine

Reported by Deborah - May 27, 2006

John Gibson says he's been to there and he knows the Caribou will be fine so he just can't understand why Senate Republicans might reject the ANWR Bill that just passed in the House. Gibson coming off like the ANWR oil would immediately lower gas prices, criticized Republicans during his commentary but made sure that Democrats were the ultimate villians. 5/26/06

Gibson forgetting the talking point about our presence in Iraq having nothing to do with oil slipped up twice saying,

"I've been there. I've seen it. The caribou will be fine. We need the oil. Not a single soldier's life will be in danger protecting this oil supply."
"Republicans are supposed to understand we don't have to send U.S. troops to defend this oil."

Of course, although he chastized the Republicans, Gibson made sure to smear Democrats and environmentalists labeling them "extreme" making their stand against ANWR seem like a political strategy without any other motivation.

"Republicans are supposed to understand that locking up American oil so that Americans can't use it is a Democrat trick with their allies, the extreme environmentalists."
"Somebody has to explain to me how this makes sense and why a group of Republican senators has become a tool of the extreme environmentalists in this country.
" But here's the rub: It will be Republicans who give the Democrats and their enviro allies the victory in the U.S. Senate"

Then Gibson suggested that the gas prices would go down if the ANWR Bill passed despite the fact the it would take 10 years before ANWR oil production impacted our supply.

"As you fork over $50 or maybe $60 for your Memorial Day fill-up, remember who is keeping American oil locked away where you can't get it: Republicans in the U.S. Senate."

comment: When we fork over $50 for our Memorial Day fill up we should remember who has kept us from facing and solving our energy crisis without sacrificing the environment. Let's put all our focus and money on alternative fuels and the infrastructures needed to make them accessible to all Americans. Our energy independence could be achieved quickly if this goal were embraced as an emergency priority and not just a lofty goal set sometime in the future. This weekend we should definitely blame the Republicans but not for rejecting ANWR.

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