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I Kid You Not - Tom DeLay Using Greenwald-Colbert Interview to Raise Money!

Reported by Marie Therese - May 25, 2006

This one's just too good to pass up! Crooks & Liars reported yesterday that Tom Delay is using a video clip of Robert Greenwald's interview with Stephen Colbert in order to raise money for his legal defense fund! As many of our readers know, Greenwald produced OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, the documentary that eight of the News Hounds worked on. Apparently the Delay fund-raising team believes that Greenwald crumbled under Colbert's incisive questioning! Here's a portion of the Defend DeLay e-mail sent to his Republican supporters:

Hollywood liberal and Michael Moore wannabe Robert Greenwald (known for his attacks on Wal-Mart and FOX News) crashed and burned on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report (watch it at http://www.defenddelay.com) when promoting his new attack on Tom DeLay. He even admits their reason for producing the movie (and clearly Ronnie Earle's reason for participating) - to keep Republicans from gaining power in Congressional seats across the country. Tom DeLay was successful in bringing legal and constitutional redistricting to Texas, and since Democrats couldn't win in the legislature or at the ballot box, they used the only resources they had left - liberal Hollywood and a nutty, partisan DA with limited knowledge of the facts and the law. The producers of this political mockumentary claim they were trying to put together a fair and balanced piece, yet what they put out is piece of leftist propganda with the cooperation of District Attorney Ronnie Earle."


It's obvious that the authors of this fund-raising e-mail have no idea how ridiculous it makes them look to use the Colbert Report as a justification for the innocence of the former Congressman.

This incident would be funny if it weren't so indicative of the total disconnect that exists on the red side of the aisle.

FOLLOW UP, posted 5/25/06:

"The Big Buy: How Tom DeLay Stole Congress" is available by clicking the hammer in the ad at the top right hand of this page or by going to tomdelaymovie.com.

Robert Greenwald responded to the DeLay solicitation yesterday in The Huffington Post:

"Life as I have known it is coming to an end.

"How will I ever recover from the harsh sting of a bad review from Tommy boy? According to a recent fundraising effort by DeLayites, I "crashed and burned" on Colbert. Clearly, this is tragedy -- Shakespearean in its implications and Chekhovian in its impact.

"AND -- now the money addict is using my appearance on Colbert to fundraise. That is either the highest compliment possible, or the lowest blow.

"So, see the movie made by Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck, The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress, and then decide if Tommy really should be using this film to fundraise. Or better yet -- subpoena the film for his trial, as his lawyer is saying the DeLay team may do!!! What to do in a world turned this upside down? Celebrate Clean Money Day, a day dedicated to the memory of Tom. Go to a house party and work like hell so that some of DeLay's corrupt cronies are thrown out of office this November. In the meantime I will retreat to fathom the meaning of "crash and burn" on Colbert..."

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