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Happy Iraqi Stories - Take 1,003! (At least it seems so)

Reported by Donna - May 24, 2006

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) he enthusiastically went on to his Happy Iraqi Story. I mean, isn't that required when Osama Bin Laden releases a new tape?

Before the story Hemmer said, "Osama Bin Laden in a new audio tape telling Washington and the people of America we've got the wrong man in the attacks on 9/11. Why do we care and what's the real message here? Some answers and analysis after the break."

Comment: Do you really think we got answers and analysis? We got Iraqi happys stories and a little bit of fear mongering that Bin Laden is till lurking. (Honestly, he is)

The following is my transcript between Bill Hemmer, Robert Strang and Lisa Gable. Particularly read Lisa Gable's responses to get the Republican talking points.

The screen flashed -- On The Attack: Target Terror

Bill Hemmer: U.S. intelligence now confirming the voice is that of the world's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. In that message detailing how he commanded the 9/11 attacks and saying that Zacharias Moussaoui had no role whatsoever. And jeering at intelligence efforts of what's happening at Guatanamo Bay in Cuba. What's really behind these messages? Third one in five months? The CEO of Invesitgative Management Group, Robert Strang, is back. Welcome Bob.

Robert Strang: Hey, Bill.

BH: And Lisa Gavle is a Republican strategist. Welcome to you as well.

Lisa Gable: Well, thank you very much.

BH: Bob, are you listening to this? You've read the reports, what do you make of it?

RS: Well, it doesn't surprise me, Bill. Here he's trying to gain all the attention he can tind, he's tring to send a message to his followers around the world that he's there to protect them. That he'll take the blame, he's responsible. Tihs is a message saying that 5years later, after 9/11, that he's still in charge. He's still running Alqaeda and the government hasn't been able to get to him or his top leaders as of yet.

BH: Lisa, what do you take away from it? (Comment: It's so scripted it's ridiculous)

LG: I actually think it's interesting that he brings it out now. But I think for those in your audience the key is whether or not what he said really matters. (Comment: Funny she uses the same exact words that Hemmer used) The bottomline is that security mothers (security mothers?!) around the United States are interested in making sure their children are safe and secure. And as we look at the successess that we have had witha a freely elected government in Afhaganistan and Iraq, I think that mothers are starting to feel more secure. (Comment: She thinks, but no data)

BH: So, should we not give it any attention, Lisa?

LG: I think it hardens the resolve and it has actually the opposite affect of what he thinks it's going to have for women in the major metropolitan areas. (Huh?! The major metropolitan areas? Who talks like this?)

BH: Bob, he went around Al Jazeera this time, straight to the internet, uh, what does that suggest to you, if anything?

RS: It's just a you know, I agree with Lisa (Comment: That's him saying 'I want to be invited back as a guest, I need the publicity), here's a guy who wants to get his word out. I mean I don't think it matters what he says but the bottom line is when you see him it can't help but make you feel sick. Look what happened on 9/11 in New York and Washington. Here we are 5 years later, Bill, we're focused on the Mexican border and we've got, you know, Bin Laden coming on, uh, you know, giving us messages that he's still alive and well and plans on attacking again. You know, so, it really makes us wonder where our resources are going. Have we become complacent after 5 years? (Comment: Maybe those resources went to the war in Iraq?)

You know, do we need to focus more on the other borders? Do we need to focus more on organiszation and should the United States government be making a real effort to apprehend this man and bring him to justice?

BH: But Bob, back to the question (Comment: Yea, don't tell us about President Bush not catching Bin Laden after 5 years) here, any significance as to why he went straight online and not to Al Jazeera which has been his intermediary for 4 1/2 years? Right now?

RS: Yea, I mean, I think he's just trying to broaden his scope. I think he's trying to deal with as many people directly as he can. We can't read between this too much. I mean, we can't give this too much credence. This guys message (overtalk)

BH: ...Lisa, It's almost like his own op/ed page. Now his third audiotape in five months in 2006. And each time he has referenced current events. Your take on that.

LG: Well, it's psychological warfare but the bottom line is psychological warfare doesn't work as long as we keep our eyes on the positive things that are going done. (Comment: What? Think positive and Bin Laden will go away? What is this woman, a Stepford Wife?) We had elections in Iraq recently. We got the elections in Afghanistan. What's interesting for woemn is we have 84 women in Afghanistan who are in the Parliment. What better answer is there in the face of Osama Bin Laden that we have allowed women to participate in democracy in the Middle East? (Comment: We allowed?) (I think she also missed the earlier story about the Taliban Army growing stronger and stronger, who exactly is running Afghanistan?)

BH: Yeah, Bob, as we look at the message behind the message here. Do you read anything into the possibility that some sort of secret code is in the release of this audio tape? When he specifically references Zacharias Moussaoui? When he talks about the detainees at Gitmo, saying they have no affiliation whatsoever with Al Qaeda.

RS: Bill, I, uh, agree with you (Comment: Please invite me back) that every time he says, every time he has any type of communication on a global basis he is sending messages to his followers. Either very broadly or very, er, just giving specific information on times and locations. This has been looked at in many different ways over the years but this is how he communicates to the masses.

And I agree (Comment: Again, please invite me back) there's (sp) many good things that have come out of our position in Iraq (Comment: Our postion in Iraq, I thought it was a war?) but the real concern we have in the security business is he is well financed, he's well organized, he's still visisble, he's still out there and he's something that we have to be prepared for. We can't forget (overtalked, we might think Mr. Bush didn't do his job) about Bin Laden and his whole organization.

BH: Bob Strang, thanks. Lisa Gable, thanks to you as well.

Comments: Well, Gable gave enough Republican talking points on what a happy time it is for everyone now. She pointed out the women in Parliment in Afghanistan, said nothing about what women are facing in Iraq with a majority Shiite government. We also had Strang weigh in with the fear factor. As usual we had a well scripted segment with Hemmer carefully directing it.

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