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Neil Cavuto's Graphics Alone Reveal What a Lie Fox's "Fair & Balanced" Slogan Is

Reported by Melanie - May 23, 2006

Neil Cavuto opened Your World today (May 23, 2006) by cutting to the hate- and fear-chase right away but you didn't have to listen to a word he said in order to know what the messages of the day were.

Immediately upon opening Cavuto promoted what was coming up: a segment about Mexico's Vicente Fox. The graphic read, "A Bigger Worry?" and then switched to, "Just Go Home?" A segment about William Jefferson (D-LA), during which the graphic read, "Where's the Press?" A segment about American Idol, with a graphic that read, "The Loser...Wins?" and a segment about Madonna and a graphic: "Bashing Jesus!"

Cavuto's first guest was Ron Maxwell, identified as the director of "God & Generals," who spoke as an expert on immigration and on Vicente Fox. During the segment the chyron read, "Vicente Fox: Can We Trust Him?"

Next came ultra-right wing columnist Jonah Goldberg who advocated building a wall along the Mexican border. They chyron during that segment read, "Border Wall: Is it Time to Build It?"

Fox News reporter Major Garrett came next. The chyron for his segment read, "Will Senate OK Immigration Bill by End of Week?"

After Garrett's report Cavuto headed to a break with another promotion about the Jefferson segment with a graphic on screen that read "Media Bias," and another promo for the Madonna segment with Cavuto wondering if it was "open season on Jesus Christ, from Madonna to the DaVinci Code."

After the ad and "news" break, Cavuto returned with a FOX NEWS ALERT and said that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales "is defending" the FBI raid on William Jefferson's office and then he introduced right wing radio talk show host Mike Gallagher and "Democratic strategist" Bob Beckel for a segment captioned, "Why Democrats in Trouble are not Front Page News but Republicans Are."

After that Cavuto headed to another break promoting the Madonna segment again, with this chyron at the bottom of the screen: "Mocking Jesus for $$$."

After the break he read three letters; two were essentially hate mail for Vicente Fox and one was hate mail for liberals.

Next came the rabidly vicious conservative Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League and a frequent Cavuto guest. The graphic that appeared on screen during Cavuto's introduction read, "Unholy Jesus Bashing," and then the chyron at the bottom of the screen during Donohue's appearance read, "Open Season on Jesus! Is it Time to Quit the Christ-Bashing?" During this segment Fox showed a picture of the cover of today's New York Post in some self-promotion for one of Rupert Murdoch's other enterprises. (The fact that the Post is owned by Fox's parent company, News Corp., wasn't mentioned, of course.)

Cavuto again headed to an ad break promoting an upcoming segment about how Democrats are aiding the terrorists by speaking against the war while a graphic that read, "Think Twice?" appeared on screen.

Returning from the break, Cavuto introduced senator John Ensign (R-NV). The chyron that ran during that segment read, "Sen. Ensign: Democrats Anti-War Talk Aids the Terrorists: Is He Right?" During the segment Ensign blamed the chaos in Iraq on Democrats: "If Americans, especially American leaders, would stand together, would stand behind our military, would stand behind the mission, we, I believe, would be much closer to complete victory over there and having a much more stable Iraq." Naturally, Fox aired a split screen with video of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Here's the video, headlined, "Encouraging the Enemy?" on Fox's website.

After another ad, a "news" break, and a FOX NEWS ALERT, Fox reporter Mike Emanuel reported from the Pentagon that a "new Bin Laden Audio Tape Surfaces." During Emanuel's report, Fox went into full -fear-mode and aired a split screen showing video of 9/11 - people running from the - World Trade Center covered in dust.

Next came a roundtable discussion featuring three "financial experts." The question was whether the bin Laden tape will "rattle the markets." Fox took the opportunity during this segment too to go to a split screen showing video of both NYC on 9/11 and bin Laden. The chyron began as, "New Bin Laden Audio Tape Surfaces." After about 80 seconds it changed to, "Report: New Bin Laden Audio Tape Surfaces," and then after another 90 seconds it changed again, to, "Report: New Bin Laden [the word "audio" disappears] Tape Surfaces."

Next came "Biz Blast," a roughly 90-second segment during which Cavuto covers "business news." Today's "business news" was about the Ken Lay trial, Hillary Clinton getting booed during a speech on immigration today, ABC's John Gibson being picked to fill the ABC Evening News anchor desk, "and more."

Next came guest Brian Hiatt, of Rolling Stone magazine to talk about American Idol and whether the losers actually do better financially than the winners. The chyron read, "American Idol Loser: The Real Winner in the End?" The fact that Fox's parent company, News Corp. produces American Idol was never mentioned.

Next came another FOX NEWS ALERT and a report by Fox reporter Catherine Heridge about the new bin Laden tape George Bush will "no doubt" discuss with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert today at their White House meeting. Fox used that as another opportunity to go to more video of bin Laden and finally to a live shot of the East Room at the White House where, according to a new chyron, "Pres. Bush & Israeli PM Olmert to Hold Joint Press Conf."

Finally, Cavuto signed off with this: "The fallout for the markets tomorrow on all of this and what it could do for your money. Big effects. Potentially."

Comment: Yep, just another another day in the life of Fox's "premiere ('fair and balanced') business news" show. Fair and balanced business news? My ass. The "fair," the "balanced," and the "business" are no where to be found.

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