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Does Charles Krauthammer Keep Up With The News?

Reported by Janie - May 23, 2006

Last night (5/22) on "Special Report with Brit Hume", "All Star" Panelist Charles Krauthammer had an interesting take on what course the Iraq war is going to take, but what he was advocating is actually illegal.

Krauthammer had this to say on the Iraq war, "What's very interesting here is that this is not just an important milestone, it's the last one. We've had these dates, we won accomplishments that we had charted out three years ago, and all of them have been met, some have been late, but all eventually. This is it. There aren't any after this. This is the government that will be in power for the next four years, it will be the government under which America leaves. And now essentially, we're putting it in the hands of Iraqis, we're going to hang around, probably until the end of next year, but that's not going to happen a lot longer. We're not going to leave entirely, but what's going to happen now is we're going to consolidate American troops, in bases, we may keep a base or two, or three indefinitely in the future to protect Iraq, to be a rapid deployment force, also to deter external enemies and also as a way for America to have a base to project power in that region. But the day-to-day stuff, that's going to end in a year, year and a half. The Iraqis know it, which is why they're going to hang together, or they're going to hang separately."

For a journalist and political pundit, Krauthammer is a little behind in his news.

At the beginning of this month, both the House and Senate passed legislation that would not allow permanent bases in Iraq.

According to Congresswoman Barbara Lee's website:

“'Despite all of the division and the partisanship about when to leave Iraq and under what circumstances, I think there is one thing that EVERYONE ought to be able to agree on, namely that we should not be in Iraq permanently,' said Lee. 'I applaud the Senate for taking this common sense step. As long as we keep the door to a permanent military presence open, we will continue to fuel the insurgency, undermine the security situation and keep the targets on our troops’ backs.'

Biden’s amendment, which would prevent funds from the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill from being used to establish permanent military bases in Iraq, was approved by the Senate today. Lee’s amendment was unanimously approved by the House on March 16 th on a voice vote.
In 2005, Lee introduced H.Con.Res. 197, to make it 'the policy of the United States not to enter into any base agreement with the Government of Iraq that would lead to a permanent United States military presence in Iraq,' which now has the bipartisan support of 81 cosponsors."

You'd think pundits that go on live television to give their opinions would keep up with these sorts of things!

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