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John Gibson and Kellyanne Conway Do O'Reilly/Coulter Act

Reported by Deborah - May 22, 2006

Campaign season opened in earnest today on Big Story with a predictably vicious attack on the students who protested John McCain and Condoleezza Rice during their graduation ceremonies this weekend. It seems a small number of students turned their backs silently while McCain, at The New School, and Rice, at Boston College delivered the Commencement Address.In the first segment, Kellyanne Conway lost her temper and dignity with some outrageous comments a la Coulter. Then John Gibson followed adding the Dixie Chicks to the enemy list and winding up with the person FOX fears most right now, Al Gore.

Conway, values person of the right, let her guard down while her mouth was open saying some very ridiculous and tastless things about the students who turned their backs during the ceremonies.

"Anyone who offered these morons a job should retract the offer." Then she accused them of being lazy because they only turned their backs adding that at least "we burned our bras" Then she complained the protesters were so lazy that they " didn't even moon them!"

Bob Beckel offered a sane observation saying that the Left is furious at most Democrats for supporting the war and the Right is angry at Republicans about immigration.

Gibson ignored Beckel saying, "These people will accuse George Bush of anything." Beckel reminded Gibson that "these people" are 70% of the country. Gibson kept going raving that they turned on Lieberman and Hillary Clinton mentioning a bit earlier that Al Gore was "the darling" of the Left.

During his My Word segment, Gibson made sure to remind viewers that McCain, a POW, was even more of a hero after enduring the student protests. He referred to the "volcanic emergence of the angry Left". Then he went after Al Gore.

"These are the people who are so certain they are right, so certain Bush is wrong they feel they can say anything about him. They also think they can trash any politician who has — even for a moment — sided with Bush. So Joe Lieberman is on the target list. And Hillary Clinton is, too.

The only politician they think is pure enough for them is — drum roll please — Al Gore.
Gore fits the bill for a lot of reasons for the angry left. First, they think he should have been president the last six years anyway. Second, he's never agreed with Bush about anything except the sky is blue and sometimes not even then if you look at his movie about global warming."

Then with a Bill O'Reilly flourish, Gibson found his own version of "bomb thrower" or "pin head" saying McCain could call them "morons" and still look good. Interesting that Conway used the same word in her attack. Maybe it's the new GOP buzzword.

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