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Give Us This Day Our Weekly Kasich

Reported by Chrish - May 22, 2006

In the preview to his show yesterday 5/20/06, while Kasich showed footage of students protesting Senator John McCain’s appearance at the New School in NYC, he said with loud indignation “politicians are subject to harassment. What’s happening to common respect and decency?”

Kasich first interviewed the president of the NRA, Sandra Froman. Ms. Froman (who advocates that teachers be armed) grew up in a non-gun owning household but was “converted” 25 years ago when her apartment in Los Angeles was broken into. Froman, interviewed at the site of the NRA convention in Wisconsin, discussed how the NRA is upset about Wisconsin not having a concealed gun law. She and Kasich went back and forth about how the NRA represents responsible gun owners who are concerned about public safety, yadda, yadda. (Comment: Kasich’s show is straight out of the Republican play book – God, gays, and guns!)

Then Kasich turned to how poor John McCain was “heckled” at the New School and how Dr. Rice is not being welcomed at Boston College. He asked what the students “were thinking” when they heckled “a war hero and American hero” and noted that when he was in college he would have been honored to have these people (Dr. Rice and John McCain) at this graduation. (Comment: he would have graduated from college in the early 70’s. Republican politicians, if they dared to speak at mainstream colleges at that time, would have been lucky to not have solid objects thrown at them!)

Kasich had as his “fair and balanced” team two conservative radio talk show hosts – Martha Zoller and Lincoln Ware, a conservative African American talk show host in Ohio who doesn’t have a website. (Comment: I will give Kasich credit for featuring black commentators and treating them with respect – unlike Hannity – but they are, of course, all part of the 2% of African Americans who support Bush). Zoller said that the protest was “appalling” and that the students should “welcome Dr. Rice with open arms.” In response to Ware’s agreement, Kasich said that Ware needed to “stir things up on his radio show.” Kasich then noted that McCain was not a “doctrinaire republican.” (Comment: excuse me, is this the John McCain who supports the war and recently pandered to Jerry Falwell?) Zoller then ended the segment by asking, “where are the boundaries” and stating that graduation was “for the kids” and the “kids should be honored” to have these wonderful people at the ceremony. (Comment: right, the graduation is for the students and if their views do not coincide with the speakers they have every right to protest. If a pro-choice politician were heckled at a fundamentalist school, Kasich would be applauding.)

In keeping with his “standing up” for God and country, Kasich later interviewed, Megan Chapman, a Kentucky high school senior who delivered her graduation address with a prayer despite a federal judge’s ruling (result of suit filed by a student) that prayer should not be allowed. (I thought conservative republicans always obeyed the law – she said with sarcasm!) Megan went on about how “awesome” it was, while she was praying, to see the audience standing and “glorifying Jesus Christ” because there was a “message to be told about the salvation of Jesus Christ.” (Comment: if liberal students defied a court order, Kasich would, once again, be indignant)

Kasich thanked her and commented about her willingness to stand for something – a convenient segue into the perfunctory end of program book promotion. Noting that his moralistic screed was on the NY Times Best Seller List (didn’t note that it was #31), he extolled “good character,” willingness to “believe and stand your ground.” - except, of course, if you’re a student at the New School and Boston College!

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