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Takes one to know one, huh, Gibson?

Reported by Chrish - May 20, 2006

FOX is adding a new feature to The Big Story, "Nitwit of the Week." The first honoree is actually a large group of people - the students and faculty at Boston College who, for various reasons, are protesting the appearance of Condoleezza Rice at Monday's commencement. Their objections include her pro-choice views and her aggressive support of the invasion of Iraq, both of which conflict with the positions of the Catholic Church.

Gibson makes some broad assumptions about the unnamed students who plan to turn their backs when Rice is awarded her honorary degree (as is the custom with all commencement speakers). He assumes they

"...are students whose parents have paid upwards of a $1,000 a week for them to be in the school. They have lived protected and sheltered lives. They didn't suffer an attack on 9/11.

They haven't fought the wars that followed. They have virtually no experience in life, except what happened before they left home and what happened when the college professors got hold of them."

He contrasts them with the Secretary, who has "helped free more women in Afghanistan and Iraq than anybody has ever freed in the history of man. She is playing a major role in a solution to the war in Darfur."

He concludes that

"Condi Rice doesn't represent their values. I should say not, since their values seem to be intolerance, closed-mindedness and the cocksureness of youth that allows a college student to pass judgment on a secretary of state.

"Nitwits of the Week" go to the students and professors of Boston College who will protest Condi Rice on Monday when they should be listening attentively and thinking. They might want to try it sometime. Listening and thinking certainly can't hurt."

Comment: Unless he's interviewed all the students involved he has no idea what their life experiences are, their financial aid arrangements, or their personal impacts felt from 9/11. To imply that they are not thinking for themselves but are under the mind control of professors is a typical FOX "war on education" anti-intellectualism.

Because their opinions differ from his and his clique, and because they will dare to show their disapproval in public, and because of their youth, Gibson chooses to use his platform to publicly mock them.

Bravo to them for standing up for their principles. Who's the nitwit?

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