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Jim Angle Lies About Senator Russ Feingold - Again

Reported by Janie - May 19, 2006

Last night (5/18) on "Special Report with Brit Hume", Fox News Correspondent Jim Angle filed a report on General Hayden's confirmation hearings, during which Senator Russ Feingold felt it necessary to ask tough questions about the NSA warrantless wiretapping program to the person who ran it, before allowing the Republicans to rubber stamp his appointment. Angle took this opportunity to smear Feingold and misrepresent his stance on the impeachment of George Bush.

Over a video clip of Bush, Angle stated, "But Senator Feingold has called for the President's impeachment over this issue. He was briefed yesterday, but still objects."

What Angle states is completely false, Feingold has not once called for impeaching the President, but for censure. He has explicitly stated that he will not rule out the idea of impeachment, but he most certainly has not "called for" it.

Feingold himself stated, "Clearly, I chose to pursue censure rather than
impeachment, certainly at this point, because I believe at this point
it's a way to help us positively resolve this issue.

In other words, without getting the country in the middle of a
huge problem, like we had with the attempted Clinton impeachment, we
have a passing of a resolution of censure, and hopefully the president
would acknowledge it and say that he maybe went too far, and we would
be able to move forward and stop worrying about this and get a pledge
from the president that he's going to come within the law or make
proposals to change the law to allow it.

I think this actually is in the area of an impeachable offense.
I think it is right in the strike zone of what the founding fathers
thought about when they talked about high crimes and misdemeanors."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Jim Angle has lied about this topic - he did so immediately after Feingold's censure motion was announced, also on "Special Report". To date, there has been no correction.

Viewers of "Special Report" have been consistently lied to about Feingold's stance, which once again, benefits the Republican party.

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