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Exposing racist remarks = "Vicious attack"

Reported by Chrish - May 19, 2006

Poor misunderstood John Gibson had to use another "My Word" segment to try to clarify his feelings on racial demographics, on which he originally sounded the alarm in his May 11 My Word. He is concerned that the population growth rate in America is being disproportionately borne by Hispanics.

Tonight 5/18/06 he said

"I said people in this country should make more babies, particularly those groups whose birthrates are not as high as others.

Why? Because we see what is happening in Europe — Russia is a good example, too — when people stop having babies because they are inconvenient. (1.)

Populations cease being self-sustaining and end up filling population gaps with immigrants, who then make demands on the culture the homies might not like, such as the demands for Sharia law in some parts of Europe. (2.)

My saying this has been widely and incorrectly misinterpreted as me meaning to say white people in the U.S. should be making more babies because they're being eclipsed by brown people. (3.)

I did say Hispanics have a higher birthrate than others in this country. But what I also said was that the others shouldn't make the Hispanics carry the whole load of population replenishment. It's hard work having kids. (4.)

A FOX-hating and Gibson-hating blog reported Gibson said brown people are bad and whites should have babies to keep browns down. (5.)

While this is not true — not what I said, not what I meant, not what I think — this lie has even appeared in TIME Magazine. "The Colbert Report" actually aired a cleverly edited My Word to have me saying something they evidently wanted me saying. Something shockingly racist.

I have expressly stated I have no problem with the evolving racial demographic trends in this country. A browner America doesn't bother me in the slightest. I expect it and I welcome it."(6.)

(1.) This is irksome because most of the people I know who have limited their family size have done so for economic and environmental reasons. They are mindful of the world at large and not self-indulgent.

(2.) Very few of us are Native Americans. And thankfully we still have the Constitution to protect us from the demands of a religious mob - I think.

(3.) "Know what that means? Twenty-five years and the majority population is Hispanic." (May 11.)

(4.) "My concern was simply that I didn't want America to become Europe, where the birthrate is so low the continent is quickly being populated by immigrants — mainly from Muslim countries — whose birthrate is very high. That fact was coupled with a news item that said half of all babies in America under five are minorities and the majority of those were Hispanic. I said fine, but it was also a good idea if people other than Hispanics also got busy and had more babies." (May 16.)
It is obvious that what concerns him is the proportion of Hispanics (immigrants) to "homies" (whites).

(5.) You talkin' to me? If so, could you up the vocabulary to at least high school level?

(6.) Then why is he trying to postpone the inevitable? I'm sorry, but the very fact that he ever brought this up says it all.

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