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FOX Caller Says Build a New Berlin Wall on Southern Border - FOX Host Says "Great"

Reported by Marie Therese - May 17, 2006

Yesterday [5-16-05] the FOX & Friends trio posted their usual "Question of the Day" asking if 6,000 National Guard troops was a "Terrific Troop Total" or a "Token Gesture". A caller from Texas, who argued in favor of more than 6,000 soldiers, said something that I found stunning but was disturbed when FOX host E. D. Hill called the idea "great".

"KEN" (calling from Texas): "Having been a former Capitol Hill staffer and having ties with federal law enforcement, let me make a couple of really quick points before somebody cuts me off. One is that I think we should steal a page from the communists in East Germany or North Korea vis a vis the Berlin Wall or the DMZ. In 30 or 40 years only a handful of people made it over that wall safely and the Mexican government's not about to do it for two reasons. One: Too much money going back to Mexico on the part of illegal immigrants and naturalized citizens. Number two: The politicians, the military, the police officials down there are very corrupt or in the hands of the drug lords They're not about to stop the flow of drugs into this country which leaves us with the one option. Here's my solution. (Steve Doocy tries to stop him as they are running out of time) Build a wall and man it temporarily with a large number of military, border patrol, national guard and law enforcement and, number two, I would do what Ohio's doing down in Arizona. I would take the prisoners out of jail ...."

At this point "Ken" was cut off. E.D. Hill was very disappointed about this, saying "Oh. I wish we could have fit in more. Great! ... "


Aside from the fact that "Ken" seemed to think that a "naturalized citizen" should not be permitted to spend his/her money in Mexico, what have we come to in this country when an American citizen can make a proposal that the United States should build a new "Berlin Wall" and the host of a popular morning show praises the idea?

E.D. Hill conveniently forgot one little tiny historical fact when she applauded "Ken" and his idea.

People didn't make it across the wall because they were


Shot by the Russian soldiers.

Is this really what Ms. Hill wants for the southern border?

Barry Goldwater is rolling over in his grave!

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