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Fox Guest Starts Talking About The Disaster In Iraq And Hemmer Goes With A News Alert Which Isn't Even Close To A News Alert

Reported by Donna - May 15, 2006

Seems like these days the President's approval ratings are so low that the war in Iraq may be verboten on Fox these days - they've even gone so far as cutting off a Democratic guest who was speaking about the disaster that Iraq has become by inserting a Fox News Alert that wasn't anywhere near an alert.

The segment on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m) was about the President's speech today on the border problem and how he is going to assign 5000 National Guard to protect 2000 miles of our border.

Hemmer had two guests, Republican strategist, Karen Hanretty and former Chairman of the Democratic Party in South Carolina, Dick Harpootliaan.

The following is my transcript between the three of them.

Bill Hemmer: How does the White House win tonight? (Comment: That's not a softball question, is it?)

Kren Hanretty: Well, I have to be honest. I don't think the White House is going to win tonight. You're hearing from the Heritage Foundation that we could have as many more as 100 million illegals over the next 20 or 30 years. We have environmental groups who aren't happy. Only a president who's approval rate is in the 20's or 30's could bring together the left wing enviornmentalists and the right wing Heritage Foundation,

I think this is going to turn out to be a bigger PR fiasco than the Social Security reform debacle of 2005. (Comment: Wow, talk about a Republican strategist not coming through with the typical pro Bush answers)

Hemmer then spoke about the Heritage Foundation saying that if the Senate Bill passes an additional 100 million illegl immigrants could come through in the next 20 years.

Hemmer: Dick, How does or can the White House win on this issue tonight?

Dick Harpootlian: Can't win. Chuck Hagel said this weekend if we send troops to guard the border that these were troops rotated three times through Iraq. I think he can't win and the other thing, I was a prosecutor for 12 years. He's talking about amnesty for people who've committed a crime by coming to this country illegally.

Being given amnesty, I mean, we used to say and I'm a Democratic Prosecutor, if you can't do the time don't do the crime. And we're going to say to 10's of millions of people, break the law? And our border is so pourous, how can he expect to protect.....(overtalk).

Hemmer: But, Dick, what would you do, round up 11 million people? Is that even possible? What would you do then? Of course no one is even suggesting that that's even doable yet.

DH: Well, I think you do a couple of things. One, you punish employers employeeing illegals. Two, you make sure our borders are secure, whether you use (the) National Guard. This Iraq fiasco continues to drain and spend the seed corn of the country. We need to get out of Iraq. They can't put a government over there. It's a bunch of tribes that will never see democracy. (overtalk)

Hemmer: Hey, Dick, I apologize. We have some breaking news out of Durham, NC.

Comment: The problem with that 'breaking news' or 'Fox News Alert?' There was none. They had had around 7 - 8 Fox News Alerts all through the show about news coming in from Durham, NC on the Duke Lacrosse scandal. But when they ran this particular Fox News Alert? Tthere was no new news. They didn't have the information yet that there was another indictment, nor did they have the information that a 2 p.m. news conference was going to be held. All they said at this juncture was that they were waiting for news to come out of Durham, NC. That's breaking news?

My only conclusion was that talking about how the Iraq war draining all of our resources to work effectively at home is forbidden on Fox. Maybe this is Fox's new scheme to try and forget about Iraq to help the president's poll numbers?

I did find it surprising though that the Republican strategist came out so forcefully about Bush being unable to do anything when it came to fixing our broken borders despite the optimist soft ball question lobbed by Bill Hemmer on how the White House (what, not even the president anymore?) could win tonight.

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