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Kasich Disses DaVinci Code and Mel Gibson too

Reported by Chrish - May 14, 2006

John Kasich, in keeping with his book theme of “Stand for Something” is standing against the DaVinci Code. He introduced his interview on heartland 5/13/06 with the former queen of Goth, Anne Rice, by asking if the “controversial” DaVinci code was just a Hollywood fantasy or an attempt to undermine Jesus.

Rice has forsaken her steamy, sexy, vampire “bodice rippers” in a re-embrace of Roman Catholicism and has written a new book about Jesus, a novel, entitled “Christ, the Lord” – a copy of which she held up to the camera. She responded to Kasich’s rather leading question by stating that it was all a “clever pack of nonsense” (Comment: and the eternally self obsessed vampire Lestat wasn’t?) She added that the DaVinci book and movie did not have a “thread of evidence” and “was not based on research” (Yes, Anne, it’s called fiction). And as if he were reading from a script, Kasich agreed and asserted that there was no attempt by the moviemakers to label it as such to which Rice added that there should be some kind of disclaimer, at the beginning of the film, to warn about the offensive content.

Kasich, in his most stern voice, rambled on about how if this were done to any other religion except Catholicism there would be loud outrage; but in today’s world, it’s OK to “attack the Catholic Church.” He then asked Rice if people knew how to separate “fact from fiction” and she said that she was optimistic because if the movie draws people to Jesus, there will be something good to come of it.

Comment: Kasich wonders if people can distinguish between fact and fiction. Well, certainly those Fox viewers who believe whatever is said on Fox are seriously reality challenged. Being the cynic that I am, I also have to wonder if the above segment was a pander to Fox’s Roman Catholics who might be drifting from “Red” to “Blue” – get them upset about Hollywood liberals rather than focus on the imploding Bush administration.

Kasich’s take on Mel Gibson was a shocker. Mel is doing a new movie about the ancient Maya culture and, in an interview, had the audacity to compare the fear mongering of the Maya with the fear mongering of the (gasp) Bush administration. Kasich just couldn’t believe that Gibson was joining the ranks of “Streisand, Sarandon, and other Hollywood types who are “Bush bashers.” He interviewed James Herson, author of Hollywood Nation, who is a friend of Gibson’s and who extolled all of Gibson’s great qualities to John – the most noteworthy being that he had seven children and was still married to his first wife. He noted that the “fear mongering” was only one statement and that if Gibson wanted to please Hollywood, he wouldn’t have made a movie like the “Passion.” While he was speaking, the chyron read, “Mel Gibson is a Republican.” Kasich concluded by saying “I’m glad that you said that he was a great guy.”

Comment: Is Kasich getting so paranoid about losing the base that he doubts the integrity of St. Mel? Does he actually think that the base even knew about Gibson’s statement (which I could only find on an obscure British entertainment website)? Is any negative comment made about Bush seen as treasonous?


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