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FOX News’ Latest Attacks Against Democrats: They Might Hold Investigations

Reported by Ellen - May 11, 2006

In a segment that just happened to mimic an entry on the RNC website, the top story on Hannity & Colmes last night (5/10/06) tried to frighten voters away from the Democrats by painting Rep. John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi as Democratic boogeymen who would, if the Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives – gasp – hold investigations into the Bush Administration.

Neither Hannity nor Michael Reagan wanted to talk about the most likely subject of the investigations, the reasons for going to war in Iraq. Instead, they just wanted to demonize Pelosi and Conyers. Hannity mentioned that Conyers wants to hold hearings about slavery reparations. For Hannity, seeing more of his tax dollars go to black people is probably the next-worse thing to having Democrats take control of the House. But I could be wrong. Seeing his tax dollars go to black people could be the worst. “What would Democrats do?” appeared across the screen.

Even Alan Colmes didn’t seem to want to talk about the war in Iraq. He started the segment by asking Michael Reagan, “What about looking at the secret energy task force that Dick Cheney, in private with people whose names he would not reveal, made energy policy that’s not going so well – with the highest gas prices we’ve ever had. I think the American people would like to know the answers to those questions.” A good question but surely not what Conyers has in mind.

Democratic “strategist” Bob Beckel should get some points for mentioning the war at all. But rather than stand up for the Constitution’s checks and balances and Congressional oversight into the questionable rationale for going to war, Beckel was quick to point out that he didn’t think impeachment was a good strategy. He added, however, “But why is it that the Republicans think investigating a war that’s costing American lives is more important (sic) than investigating Bill Clinton’s sex life?”

Reagan, who has probably never worried about the price of gas a day in his life, called the energy issue a “straw dog.” Then, perhaps to prove what a “regular guy” he is after all, knocked Nancy Pelosi for being worth “between 25 and 102 million dollars.” He went on to make the nonsensical claim, “If she were a Republican, she’d be standing up for us but she’s a Democrat so she’s against everything we stand for.”

Colmes noted that he didn’t realize Republicans were against making money. “And I think looking into domestic wiretapping while we’re at it might be another good idea.”

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