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Kilmeade Sticks Foot in Mouth - Again!

Reported by Marie Therese - May 10, 2006

Yesterday, at the beginning of FOX & Friends First during a discussion of an upcoming segment with tennis legend Jimmy Connors, Brian Kilmeade stepped in it, bigtime, first by claiming that men are the "superior" gender and, then, by stereotyping female co-host Kiran Chetry. Here's my transcript of the interchange. (A big "thank you" to News Hound Judy for the YouTube video clip!)

TIKI BARBER: Let's pick teams right now. I pick Kiran.

BRIAN KILMEADE: What do you mean?

CHETRY: I like (indecipherable)

KILMEADE: I take Jimmy.

(Chetry guffaws.)

BARBER: Who's Jimmy?

BRIAN KILMEADE: Jimmy Connors will be here and we play him in a doubles match (snip) ... and we get to play him in doubles in about 30 minutes live on our show.  (speaking to crew member) Is that exciting, Joel?

BARBER:  I can tell you right now, you're in trouble, Brian.

KIRAN CHETRY:  I think so, too.


BARBER:  You're in trouble

KILMEADE;  What?  You have a girl.   We're the superior gender.

BARBER:  What do you mean, I have a girl?

KILMEADE:  You have ...

CHETRY:  Yeah, but I'm half-Asian.

KILMEADE:  Huh?  What does that mean?

CHETRY:  Well, you'll find out.  You will find out!

KILMEADE:  You good in math?

CHETRY:  Let's just say it's a doubles match and you'll find out.


Why does this guy still have a job?

NOTE: Post changed 5/10/06 8:10 PM EDT to add dialogue to the transcript. - MT

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