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John Stossel Laughs At Global Warming Concerns

Reported by Deborah - May 10, 2006

John Stossel with his polished "I'm so cool" attitude plugged his new book,"Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity",on The Factor tonight. Global warming was the first "myth" he discussed with O'Reilly and both smirked and ridiculed the foolish liberals who might take issue with Stossel's ideas on climate change. Then O'Reilly, amused smirk in place, questioned Stossel about some other issues in his book. 5/10/06

Stossel quipped that he was going to include global warming in the chapter with astrologers and psychics because global warming "has become a religion" Mr. Cool admitted " the globe is warming up but only 1 degree" adding that "man may have an impact. We don't know". Then in a nasty falsetto voice he whined, "We're all gonna drown. Alaska's gonna melt.!" Then he claimed hysteria is being created by " alarmist scientists" who are the only ones that get any media coverage.

O'Reilly looked entertained warning Stossel, " you're engendering hate from the left. This is one of their "pet causes". Stossel claimed that the left already hates him and won't have him on their shows so he and BOR had a little pity party about being snubbed by the liberal press.

Viewers were then treated to some of the other areas covered in the book. Stossel claims bottled water is a rip off and taste tests prove that nobody can tell the difference adding except in places where the water is really bad. Fast Food is only bad if you eat a lot and lawsuits about it are silly.

comment: Stossel got stuck in a time warp. His ideas are no longer witty, cool or even interesting. Every local affiliate has done a bottled water segment and fast food issues are very very old and over done. The global warming routine showed his profound ignorance and it was frankly embarrassing. The only "downright stupidity" evident tonight was Stossel's

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