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Gibson likens Democrats to "nutjob Ahmadinejad"

Reported by Chrish - May 10, 2006

John Gibson today 5/10/06 used his vicious "My Word" segment to put more than half of America on a par with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Saying that if the letter sent from Ahmadinejad to Bush hadn't been postmarked Tehran, it could have been mistaken for a crank letter from L.A., Boulder CO, or Cambridge MA., Gibson launched into a comparison of so-called talking points meant to disparage Democratics and lump them in with the reputedly crazed leader.

Gibson says that the Democrats and the Iranian have the same complaints: Christians not acting Christian. Lies about WMDs. Human rights abuses in Gitmo. The gap between the haves and have nots.

The biggest difference, he says, is "Ahmadinejad was actually nice about Jesus and Christians.
Nobody should believe him, but he said nice things about Jesus Christ, and he kept muttering after each mention, "Peace be upon him."

Comment: I am confused. If this was a letter how did Gibson "hear" Ahmadinejad muttering?

Gibsn suggests that if Ahmadinejad is borrowing the "loyal opposition's" talking points, they may want to adjust. If he, Gibson, was "writing political press releases for any American political party, or doing the strategery thing for candidates who want to challenge the incumbent, I'd always keep an eye on what the nutjobs around the world are saying and make certain I didn't sound like them. Seems prudent. At least that's what I think. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some people so hate Bush they'll want to stick to their rhetoric no matter who joins them in the choir. You never know."

Comment: The above points are valid and are matters of principle. Maybe Gibson should take off the blinders and actually think about what he's saying before he bleats out any more nonsense.

And for Pete's sake, lay off the "hate Bush" rhetoric already. Despise, scorn, disdain, disapprove, but not hate. Really.

Amend 5/11/06 5pm: Full text of letter at Truthout.org

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