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Government for Sale: Shady Defense Contractors, Greedy Lawmakers, Wild Poker Parties and Limousine Hookers

Reported by Marie Therese - May 9, 2006

According to a FOX News report, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, third in charge at the CIA, has just resigned because he is being investigated for possible connections to a "sex for favors" scandal. Foggo was appointed to his job by outgoing CIA Director Porter Goss. The timing of both resignations would seem to suggest that there is a connection to an FBI investigation of allegations involving defense contractors who sought to obtain lucrative defense contracts by arranging "poker and sex parties" for selected members of Congress.

MAJOR GARRETT: "[The investigation into] Duke Cunningham has led federal investigators in a new direction whether this defense contractor, Brent Wilkes, provided prostitutes to lawmakers or a CIA official in order to win federal contracts. Today the number three official at the CIA, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, announced he was stepping down. The FBI is investigating Foggo's involvement in poker parties Wilkes organized for CIA agents, lawmakers and defense contractors where prostitutes might also have been furnished. Former CIA Director Porter Goss, who resigned abruptly Friday, promoted Foggo to Executive Directors. That put Foggo in charge of CIA contracts."

VIDEO CLIP of KEITH ASHDOWN of Taxpayers for Common Sense, saying: "The third in power at the CIA was at several of these games and was an active participant and that one individual sent contracts to one of the co-conspirators who managed the game and paid for everything." END CLIP.

GARRETT: "Foggo approved a contract to a company owned by WIlkes to provide water, first aid kits and other supplies to CIA agents in Afghanistan and Iraq. That contract is now the subject of a separate CIA-Inspector General investigation. On Sunday, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi implied Goss resigned under pressure, linked to to the poker and prostitution investigation.

VIDEO CLIP of NANCY PELOSI on NBC's "Meet the Press" (May 7, 2006): "... But I think that this dismissal was triggered by what has been happening on the scandal front for the Republicans with the third in command who was hired by Mr. Goss to be involved in these card games and whatever else it was." END CLIP.

GARRETT: "The FBI is reviewing records of suites Wilkes rented at D. C.'s Westin Grand Hotel and the Watergate Hotel for poker parties involving Cunningham, other lawmakers, CIA officials and defense contractors. Government watchdog groups say it appears defense contractors lost huge sums at the poker table with the expectation they would later reap millions in government contracts."

VIDEO CLIP of KEITH ASHDOWN: "Tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars in defense contracts went to contractors that basica - that bribed their way to the top of the defense industry rather than earn it through producing good items for men and women in uniform." END CLIP.

GARRETT: "Federal law enforcement officials have identified Wilkes, who ran the poker games, as one of four unnamed co-conspirators who bribed Cunningham. Wilkes has not been charged with a crime but the FBI is investigating if Wilkes, with the help of Shirlington Limousine Service ... provided prostitutes to Cunningham, other lawmakers or CIA officials. Both Wilkes and the limousine company deny any link to prostitutes. Foggo, the CIA official who stepped down today, told agency employees in an e-mail that he was doing so because the new agency director would want to appoint his own Executive Director."


If these charges prove true, I suggest the perpetrators serve their sentences in a nice military stockade in downtown Kabul or Baghdad!

(For more on Shirlington Limousine, click here.)

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