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Bush to German Press: Catching a Fish "Best Moment" of Presidency

Reported by Marie Therese - May 9, 2006

Yesterday morning on FOX & Friends First the trio of Steve Doocy, Kiran Chetry and Brian Kilmeade reported that, when questioned by a German journalist about the high point of his Presidency, George Bush was caught off guard, then answered that the best moment was catching a seven-and-a half pound largemouth bass! It seems that, in addition to forgetting his talking points, the President also has a rather low standard of excellence as well. According to Doocy (and several fishing sites I've accessed), a seven-and-a-half pound largemouth bass is not all that big, especially in Texas!

However, the FOX News trio jumped right in to do damage control.

Steve Doocy made excuses, claiming that Bush "wasn't prepared" to answer the question.

Brian Kilmeade piped up, saying "Well, he's kidding, right?" to which Doocy responded "Well, he did appear to be joking, though." Kiran Chetry disagreed and read the following from her notes: "He said 'I would say the best one was when I caught a seven-and-a half pound largemouth bass on my lake.'"

Kilmeade shot back: "What about going under 5% unemployment? What about the economy growing at a record rate, the fastest since 2000? What about the takedown of Afghanistan and the ouster of the Taliban? Any of that stuff besides fishing pop up there?"

Doocy countered: "... That's an enormous fish. However, out in Texas it woud have to go above 15 pounds to even crack the top 50 ever brought in ... Remember a couple of years ago he was unprepared to admit that he had done anything wrong during his Presidency when pressed by those pesky reporters at the White House and now Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, in fact, said 'Well, you know, this probably makes sense and it is fair and balanced. He couldn't remember the worst thing - now he can't remember the best thing." But if you're the President's wife ya' gotta figure 'Hey, what am I? Chopped bass?'"

Kilmeade then stuck his foot in his mouth bigtime by saying that basically Laura Bush didn't count because the President "had her" when he was Governor of Texas, when he was owner of the Texas Rangers and before he became President. His co-hosts were caught off guard and clearly thought his comments were in bad taste.


In this segment the FOX & Friends trio tacitly admitted that the President is a puppet, a leader totally incapable of thinking on his feet, a stumblebum who falls apart when faced with an "unexpected" question.

One wonders how much longer even FOX News will stand behind this guy?

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