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Bill O'Reilly, presidential advisor?

Reported by Chrish - May 9, 2006

Fresh off his victory of almost single-handedly getting the Senate to pass the national Child Protection Registry Act, O'Reilly tonight 5/8/06 outlined his strategy for Bush to recover his approval ratings, which are now down to 31%, with only 52% of his conservative base approving of the job he's doing. I'd give O'Reilly credit for acknowledging shortcomings in the Bush administration but alas, too little too late. 31%.

O'Reilly thinks that Bush is the only one who can turn things around for himself . He advises Bush to go to the people himself, and snarks that the press certainly isn't going to help him. Comment: Oh give it a rest. Bush wouldn't be where he is today (nor would we) without the fawning cooperation of the cowed corporate media. And FOX has GOT to stop this schizophenic touting of itself as the #1 cable news channel while simultaneously excluding themselves from the mainstream media. If they're number one in a class of one, well, whoop-de-doo.

From O'Reilly, here's what [Bush] must do, right now: Go to the southern border and announce concrete steps to stop the millions of people crossing illegally. Whether it's a wall, or military, or massive deployment of border and homeland security agents, border security is a must to regain conservative support.

Hold monthly press conference about Iraq only. Open with specific remarks about what progress is being made and answer all questions directly. Demonstrate he has the Iraq situation under control. (GWBush? Iraq, Earth?)

Appeal to the big oil companies to hold the line on pricing and to quickly develop ethanol. We're fighting a "war on terror" in this country and profiteering on a vital necessity cannot be allowed. Get tough with big oil . (HA! O'Reilly knows as well as we do that that will never happen. Speaking of profiteering off of vital necessities, Halliburton could be doing a much better job of providing water in Iraq - among many other things.)

Stop the spending madness. Cut discretionary spending by 10% NOW by issuing an executive order. (Make another rule. Not just the decider, the ruler too.)

Push to make tax cuts permanent. Those cuts have made a dynamic economy that is Bush administration's biggest strength. (Deficits, shmeficits. Look over there, it's a sexy teacher!)

Make more personnel changes. New players give new hope. (Put in relative unknowns not yet tied to the Republican National Culture of Corruption - the RNCC.)

"Stay the course and there will be some very unfriendly faces on Capitol Hill come November. "

Is O'Reilly jumping on the Bush-bashing bandwagon, or is he just another rat abandoning a sinking ship?

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