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John Kasich is America’s Daddy

Reported by Chrish - May 7, 2006

The Heartland was the usual mishigas (Yiddish for craziness – a word not used in the Heartland) of short segments punctuated by Kasich’s moralistic opinions. The moralizing reached a fevered pitch when Kasich played a shot of his appearance on Hannity & Colmes.

Hannity was just bursting with praise for Kasich’s new book, “Stand for Something.” He effused that this book was “phenomenal” because it talked about right and wrong.” He then segued into a film clip of Kasich stating “we don’t have right and wrong in our society.” (Comment: what about “faith based charities?”)

Kasich then talked about how we have values passed on to us from our parents and from the Old and New Testament . (Comment: does that include the Leviticus injunction about not touching a woman who is menstruating?). He asserted that we’ve allowed an “us vs. them” mentality to take hold and that we need to believe in “personal responsibility and character.” By now, I was saying what Dick Cheney said to Senator Pat Leahy – words, I suspect, that Kasich does not approve of. He certainly wasn’t discussing Abramoff, Delay, Cunningham, and who knows about Porter Goss and a whole host of Republicans who aren’t exactly paragons of “family values.”

The morality theme continued with a segment about a group of wonderful bikers, a cross section of vets and private citizens, who attend military funerals that are being picketed by the Phelps gang and stand between the protesters and the funeral attendees. With the family’s permission, they even rev up the bikes to drown out the shouts of these vile and reprehensible people. Kasich introduced the segment with a chyron that read that that these bikers were riding for “God and country” – which is not totally true. As these bikers are honoring veterans and protecting a family’s right to grieve, religion is not the basis for their actions.

But here’s the best part of the segment – Jason Wallin of the Patriot Riders Guard Riders responded to Kasich’s question of “who are these crazies” with the statement that they are a “group of religious extremists from Topeka Kansas and it’s just sickening that they would dishonor veterans in this manner.” Kasich said, “Why don’t we leave the first word out and just say extremists and just say that’s the way to define them.” (Comment: No, John – these vile and hateful people are religious extremists as they justify their actions on an interpretation of the bible that, in their twisted minds, explains the war in Iraq as God ‘s punishment for America’s tolerance for homosexuality. Their website is God Hates America - it used to be God Hates Fags but they might have had some problem with that)

Kasich showed a very brief film shot of the protestors in which the “God hates fags” signs were barely visible. He then showed film footage of Shirley Phelps Roper who said that God is punishing America and that the “legislative Taliban” in Iowa has passed legislation limiting their right to protest. Wallin commented that while it was their right to protest, it was not their right to hurt the families of the fallen soldiers.

Kasich concluded his show by again pushing his book stating that it was more than a book it was a “mission.” He said that we need accountability in all areas of life and we are now engaged in a “battle for America’s soul.” Americans, according to Kasich, are trading personal responsibility for material success (Duke Cunningham?)

Comment: First Bill O’Reilly, the “culture warrior,” now Kasich preaching to us. In addition to being “journalists,” they are now taking on the role of clergy. Does America now have two Daddies? Kasich’s religious terminology is reminiscent of the Bush dualism about forces of good and evil and people either “being for you or against you” – talk about “Taliban.” In light of the emerging Republican problems (stemming from a lack of “personal accountability”) the conservatives don’t have too many cards left. Playing the religious card worked in 2004 so they’re playing it in 2006. Conservative Laura Ingraham, in reference to singers with political opinions, said that “they should shut up and sing’ – well, Kasich is a “journalist” who is pushing a moral agenda. He should shut up and do whatever TV “journalists” should do – not editorialize. But this is Fox – your personal accountability channel!


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