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"Special Report" Edits Rumsfeld Video

Reported by Janie - May 5, 2006

In a segment that sent chills down my spine, "Special Report with Brit Hume" attempted to rewrite history last night (5/4) by editing the video of Rumsfeld's discussion with former CIA agent Roy McGovern during a speech in Atlanta.

Hume opened the segment with, "Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, meanwhile was trying to take it guff during a speech today in Atlanta where he shrugged off a couple of hecklers, and then took on an audience member who said he had worked at the CIA for 27 years, and accused the Bush Admin.. Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration of lying about whether or not Iraq had WMDs."

Hume then cut to the heavily edited video of the event.

Ray McGovern: " Why did you lie to get us into a war that was not necessary, that has caused these kinds of casualties. Why?"

Donald Rumsfeld: "Well, first of all, I haven't lied. I did not lie then. Colin Powell didn't lie. He spent weeks and weeks with the CIA people and prepared a presentation that I know he believed was accurate, and he presented that to the UN. The President spent weeks and weeks with the CIA, and he went to the American people and made a presentation. I am not in the intelligence business. They gave the world their honest opinion, it appears there were not WMDs there."

RM: "You said you knew where they were."

DR: "I did not. I said I knew where suspect sites were."

Comment: This was the first portion of the video that was edited. This is the portion that was removed:

RM: :You said you knew where they were Tikrit, Baghdad, northeast, south, west of there. Those are your words."

DR: "My words.... my words were that .... no, no, no wait a minute, wait a minute. Let him stay one second. Just a second."

RM: "This is America, Huh."

DR: "You’re getting plenty of play, sir."

RM: "I’d just like an honest answer."

DR: "I’m giving it to you."

The disgusting propaganda continued,

RM: "(inaudible) there was bullet proof evidence of ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Was that a lie, or were you misled?"

DR: "Zaraqawi was in Baghdad during the pre-war period. That is a fact."

RM: "Zaraqawi? He was in the north of Iraq in a place where Saddam Hussein had no rule. That's where he was."

DR: "He was also in Baghdad."

RM: "Yeah, when he needed to go to the hospital. Come on, these people aren't idiots, they know the story."

DR: "Let me give you an example. It's easy for you to make a charge, but why do you think that the men and women in uniform everyday when they came out of Kuwait and went into Iraq, put on chemical weapon protective suits? Because they liked the style? They honestly believed that there were chemical weapons. Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons on his own people previously, he had used them on his neighbor the Iranians, and they believed he had those weapons. We believed he had those weapons."

Comment: This portion of the video was altered as well, to leave out McGovern's final comments:

RM: "That's what we call a non-sequitur, it doesn't matter what the troops believe, it matters what you believe."

The (unedited) video of what really took place, can be viewed here.

You can also read Rumsfeld's statements from the "Today Show" where he most certainly did claim (therefore the definition of a lie) that he knew where the WMDs were located.

The segment ended with Rumsfeld's spin, and Hume quickly sent the show to commercial break. This was simply propaganda through and through, in order to prop up the Bush Administration and Rumsfeld. Fox could not bear to show Rumsfeld lying, and therefore chose to edit history, just as the Soviets and Pravda did. Welcome to fascist America ladies and gentleman.

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