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FOX News Obviously Delighted Over Patrick Kennedy Car Accident

Reported by Ellen - May 5, 2006

FOX News is so obsessed with crimes by Democrats and African-Americans (and so oblivious to crimes by Republicans) that you could almost see the glee on the faces of FOX News execs when they heard the news last night (5/4/06) that Rep. Patrick Kennedy had been involved in a car accident and, as Sean Hannity reported, “when Kennedy stepped out of the car, he was said to be staggering… and appeared to be intoxicated.” For 18 minutes, the Hannity & Colmes panel combed over every detail of the case, dropping a few slurs against Ted Kennedy as they went along. Republican strategist Rich Galen surely got some FOX bonus points for tying it into the Cynthia McKinney incident.

FOX’s favorite Democratic “strategist” Bob Beckel was on hand and, as usual, quickly gave all the reasons Democrats should agree with Republicans on this issue. In this case, Beckel said that his own experience with substance abuse made him suspect that the supposedly reformed Kennedy-the-younger had relapsed. “This is a disease, it’s serious, and this is not an issue that should be politicized,” Beckel said. But he never objected to that very politicization taking place in front of him.

“I’m very sensitive to that… I only want him to get better.” Hannity said, as “New Kennedy Scandal” appeared along the bottom of the screen. There wasn’t a close up so I couldn’t be sure but I suspect his nose grew right after he said that. “The issue here is whether or not as a lawmaker he’s being treated differently because of his position.” Oh, right.

Turning to Galen, “sensitive” Hannity said, “Maybe it’s unfair. But it reminds me of the fact that his father left a woman in a pond and went home. And didn’t tell anybody ‘Oh by the way, I just crashed off a bridge and a woman’s in the car at the bottom of a pond.’ And got away with it, for all intent and purposes, here.” The “non-politicizing” Hannity brought up Chappaquiddick later in the discussion, too.

Galen compared the incident to Cynthia McKinney who “smacked a Capitol policeman when he asked her to show her ID.” (No mention of her claim that she was man-handled by him.). “She was late and she didn’t want to show it, so she ended up slugging him.”

Galen said, “If this was a white Republican member of Congress, Al Sharpton would have been here already.”

“That’s the point,” the supposedly non-politicizing Hannity said. Then he just happened to have a tape of an old altercation Kennedy had with an airport security guard “just to remind people here… the surveillance video shows him shoving the guard.”

But it was just a matter of tough love. “You can’t let people go into denial,” Sensitive Sean said.

Beckel found nothing to object about, found no double standard on FOX News about the way Democrats are treated vs. Republicans, didn’t think it worth mentioning some of the very serious investigations into Republicans not being discussed. He didn’t even object to the obvious politicization of what he said should not be politicized. He simply agreed with Hannity that it was important not to let someone go into denial.

Repeating his sensitivity to the issue, Hannity then brought up some other old altercations involving Kennedy (without mentioning whether they happened before or after his rehab). “We’re seeing a potential here for disaster, are we not?”

Hannity’s favorite former detective, the “n-word” using Mark Fuhrman was also on the panel. He saw no need to wait for real evidence or a trial in order to reach a verdict against Kennedy. “If he wasn’t under the influence, then why did you need two sergeants to eliminate all the officers that actually made the stop? …It had everything to do with Kennedy, a powerful family that will try to discredit and embarrass everybody involved with this.”

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