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Bloodthirsty FOX News Folks Disappointed Moussaoui “Only” Got Life

Reported by Ellen - May 4, 2006

Those pro-life, family-values pundits on FOX News were visibly disappointed last night (5/3/06) that Al Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui would not be executed.

During a solo interview with Rudy Giuliani (who said he had mixed feelings about the verdict), Sean Hannity said he respected the jury’s decision. But later, during a discussion with FOX News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Hannity said “(Moussaoui’s) words and his actions in the courtroom. No remorse… Right in front of the jury! What are they talking about?”

There were also three 9/11 families on the panel. Surprise, surprise, they all wanted the death penalty. Peter Gadiel, whose son died on 9/11, not only wanted an execution for personal reasons but claimed that not executing Moussaoui was bad for national security because we’ll be seen around the world as week. Gadiel added a gratuitous Clinton bash for FOX bonus points. “We had 10 years of Bill Clinton not defending us.” Comment: Wasn’t he only president for eight years?

Only Alan Colmes and David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer, seemed not bitter that there would be no execution. Beamer said, “Although I am disappointed… it’s not like he avoided the death penalty and got life.” Colmes said, “Some would say (the life sentence) can be a more damaging sentence.”

FOX News legal analyst Peter Johnson didn’t agree. “It’s small solace. And it’s not enough to say that we’re a nation of laws and that we have a better system… It sends a bad signal around the world.”

Sadly, Debra Burlingame seems to have lost any sense of compassion or mercy when she lost her brother on 9/11. “I really reject this idea that somehow as Americans we have to be better than murderers and show them mercy. When you show compassion to the cruel, then you sometimes are cruel to the compassionate.”

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