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Bolivian natural gas fields takeover the Big Scarey

Reported by Chrish - May 3, 2006

On The Big Story today 5/2/06 Gibson had on Terry Keenan to discuss the takeover of Bolivia's natural gas fields and what it could mean to us. Steve Harrigan reported next from La Paz - why remains a mystery.

Keenan warns that this seizure of national assets could spread through South America, with "the big kahuna" (note: which means Hawaiin witch doctor - ??) being Venezuela. They are the third largest exporter of oil to the US and "Hugo Chavez is no friend of the United States - we tried to knock him off a few years ago so that's one big reason why." If Chavez nationalized the Venezuelan oil fields, we could easily see oil up over $100 a barrel, no exaggeration, she states.

Pointing out that Citgo is a Venezuelan national company, Gibson asks what would the advantage be to such a move? Keenan says it would only suit his rhetoric as a sworn enemy of the US (who calls Bush "Mr. Danger"). The Venezuelan economy is booming, unlike Bolivia's, the poorest country in South America, and flush with petro-dollars they are paying down their debt incurred in the '80s. She says that there is a likelihood, or at least a possibility that this could happen.

Comment: See how a real story morphed into a fear-mongering piece against Bush's "sworn enemy"?

Shortly after this piece, Gibson introduced another with a quote from Bolivia's president, "the looting by foreign companies has ended," and now troops are standing guard outside gas and petroleum facilities nationwide. Steve Harrigan reported from La Paz Bolivia.

He said that the democratically elected president had called out the troops who were now guarding what were yesterday private businesses. If the companies don't like it and don't sign agreements within six months they will have to leave behind their investments, $3 billion according to Harrigan. US company Exxon-Mobil has investments there, but Brazil will be hurt worst, along with Argentina, Great Britain, France, and twenty-some other countries.

People are stunned and puzzled; they knew there'd be some trouble from a socialist president , but to have troops in front of the buildings has really sent tremors through inventors (sic). Investment has been drying up the past year but now, who knows what's going to happen.

Comment: Not once throughout either report was the president named - Evo Morales. Another unmentioned fact was that the former president Carlos Mesa had resigned in June 2005 amidst calls for nationalization of the country's natural gas resources. Why would a "news" channel fail to report such basic background information? It must not fit with their agenda.

The stunned and puzzled people apparently have not been paying attention (or perhaps watching El Zorro?) And as for "trouble" from a socialist president, it appears they got exactly what they wanted. It may be bad for US in the long run but only narcissists expect everyone to do what's best for them.

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