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Neil Young and Pink targets for expressing anti-war sentiments

Reported by Chrish - May 2, 2006

John Gibson used his "My Word" segment Friday 4/28/06 to criticize Neil Young and Pink for expressing their concern and dismay with Bush policies, including the conduct of the so-called war on terror in Iraq. He accuses them of losing sight of the horrors of 9/11 and by not staying focused and fearful of another attack they have presumably misunderstood the protection Father Bush is offering.

Gibson makes sure to mention up front that Young is Canadian, which for his viewers undermines his credibility and even his right to speak out. He doesn't mention that Young has been here 40 years, is married to an American and has two American children, so he has a dog in this fight. Gibson also conveniently forgets his own verbal assaults on Canada, exposing again his hypocrisy and ego.

Gibson says "Debates with musicians are always problematical. You may have reason on your side, but they've got the rhythm section and the lead guitar. Hard to beat that." But he doesn't offer debate, he just claims they are wrong, blaming the wrong leaders, wrong for feeling more threatened by this administration than by terrorists. Gibson says in the '60s he was "in the music business back then, and everybody was against war. That was because we started a war we didn't have to. Everybody knew that." But because he doesn't see this war that way, anyone who does "couldn't be more wrong." Newsflash: more and more people are coming around to the view that Bush started a war he a.) didn't have to (no threat) and b.) shouldn't have (no exit, enormous cost, no benefit.)

The gist of his whole rant is that Young and Pink (now there's a band name) have forgotten to be terrorized and are wrong to speak out against a sweet, well-meaning, protective administration which is the only thing that stands between each of us and hellish death. This kind of scolding/intimidation apparently works with the cowed media but rockers are notoriously contemptuous of father-figure suits - good luck silencing them!

FOX routinely gushes over their preferred genre, wrapped-in-the-flag country music (barring the Chicks) that praises Bush and war and domination, but goes after music that bears an anti-war message as "unpatriotic". Praise one, scorn the other. Promote one, demote the other. In their twisted minds, that's fair and balanced. Here in liberal reality, that's propaganda.

New motto for FOX: Always on message. Always.

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