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Bill Hemmer Is Getting Good At the Republican Talking Points

Reported by Donna - May 2, 2006

Bill Hemmer has gradually built up his Fox Republican talking points since his switch from CNN. This was apparent today in a segment on Fox News Live (12 - 1 p.m.) regarding 'The Bush Agenda' for the last 1000 days of office. Hmmer had on as guests, Maya Rockeymore, Democratic Strategist and Frank Donatelli, Republican Strategist.

It appeared to be a normal segment until they spoke about Iran and Rockeymore said that our policy of the imperialistic invasion of Iraq has caused our energy crisis and we would need to talk about withdrawing out of Iraq and supporting the government there.

This is when Hemmer jumped in with the typical Fox/Republican talking point (he did O'Reilly and Hannity proud), "So, you'd just get up and leave, huh? Do you think that's a good idea, Frank?"

The following is my transcription between Bill Hemmer, Maya Rockeymore and Frank Donatelli.

Bill Hemmer: There are now less thatn 1000 days in George Bush's second term. High gas prices, Immigration, the War in Iraq, all high priority issues again today. Will the president be able to turn around the sliding poll numbers and put his agenda back in action.

Hemmer introduces Maya Rockeymore and Frank Donatelli.

Bill Hemmer: Gas prices, what can the White House do about it?

Maya Rockeymore: Really the White House needs to be talking about long time energy security for the country and frankly no one is talking about putting time lines in place so that if we can transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources.

BH: What would a timeline do for gas prices today, Maya?

MR: Now recall what we did with high definition television. We decided we were going to go to a different standard and we decided in five years we would have the sellers of televisions providing high definition tv and that's the only thing that you can do after 5 years.. That's the same thing we can do with cars. Say a timeline of 5 years, 10 years, the only thing that manufacturers can sell are alternative fuel cars and we need to go toward that if we're going to be serious about insuring domestic energy.

BH: I don't think it's a bad idea. I'm just trying to figure out what you do today, Frank, what do you do today?

Frank Donnatelli: Well, you need more energy exploration, Bill. The problem is worldwide demand is outstripping supply and we have put impediments in the way of additional supplies. The north slope of Alaska, nuclear power refining capacity, we have to look at all of these issues.

BH: I'm with you there, too, Frank, but even that doesn't solve things. I think what you're both saying is let the market determine things right now cuase you can't do much for it. Let's leave that alone and go to Iraq right now. The defining issue. What happens to Iraq, Maya, in the next 1,000 days.

MR: Actually, Bill. Actually Bill, this question is related to the previous question because you can't have, we've basically had a disruption in supplies, oil supplies locally because of the U.S. position in Iraq. Our imperialist invasion of Iraq has created and destabilized oil flow. And so, what you have here is a situation that we created. So, if you want to talk about reducing, increasing energy security we really need to talk about withdrawing out of Iraq and supporting the (overtalk) government there.

BH: So, you'd just get up and leave, huh? You think that's a good idea, Frank?

MR: I woud draw down on troops.

FD: It has nothing to do with worldwide disruption. China and India's economy are growing and they're competing with us for oil. The number one priority for the next 1000 days, Bill, has got to be for the president to continue to fight the global war on terror (Comment: Excuse me, the subject is the war in Iraq) and central to that is us being successful in Iraq. The government there has to get stronger. Our security forces there have to get stronger and they have to begin to take the burden of that but we cannot walk away from. that That's the major focus on the war on terror now.

MR: I would disagree.

BH: You wonder if these reports on insurgents there and the talks are true and whether or not that would bring any success. (He was overtalking in this section and this is the best intepretation I have of what he said in this sentence)

BH: I'm short on time, the third issue is immigration. Maya, if you get a bill what does it look like?

MR: You get a bill of path to citizenship for those who are already here. Increase border security. That's what it needs to look like, a path to citizenship for those who are already here and increased border security. And, if you want to decrease the incentives for people coming over the border, let's talk about what our employers are doing. We've got many employers in America who are employing illegal immigrants. So, we need to look at it on several fronts.

BH: Frank, how's that bill look, secure the border and find a way.......(overtalk) definitely build a path for citizenship for those who are here?

FD: A path to legal status at some point. I think you get something along the lines of what the Senate is looking at right now. You can get a bill like that, Bill, if the Senate Democrats will stop blocking votes. There is a deal to be had in this Congress.

Comments: Yes, those wicked Democrats who have control of the White House, Senate and House who just keep blocking bills from being passed.

If you would have seen the segment, Hemmer looked so anxious to deliver the 'So, you'd just get up and leave, huh?' line it even looked scripted. Whenever a Democrat says we need a plan of withdrawal or even a plan of gradual withdrawal Fox and this administration quickly jump in and say, 'Oh you want to cut and run!" Welcome to Fox, Bill Hemmer, I think you'll fit right in.

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