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John Gibson Condemns Neil Young's Patriotism

Reported by Deborah - April 28, 2006

Of course John Gibson went after Neil Young for his new album " Living With War" today on Big Story. This album especially the song "Let's Impeach The President" will be the diversion of the week on FNC and Gibson tried to plant the Fox Mark of Shame on both Neil Young and Pink for taking a courageous stand against the Bush Administration.4/28/06

Gibson tried to come off like the wise but weary man of experience talking about his stand against the Vietnam War and his involvement in the music business. Gibson claimed that Vietnam was wrong but "things are different now"

Then the gloves slipped away as he brought in the inevitable terror threat connection and the new film "Flight 93" offering to buy tickets for Young and Pink as if they weren't hurt by 9/11.

When I think of the war, I think of Flight 93. I wonder if Neil Young and Pink are going to go see that. I wonder if they would accept free tickets from me.
I also commend to them the recent tapes of bin Laden and Zarqawi and Zawahiri. They continue to promise to kill us, as many of us as possible.
In fact, Zarqawi promised just a day or two ago that the worst is yet to come.
Wonder if they listen to Neil Young and Pink? Doubt it.
Think they would spare Neil Young and Pink while they killed the rest of us because, after all, Neil Young and Pink are against war and want peace?
If Zarqawi and bin Laden are against Bush, they must be against war, right?
You might think so if all you lisened to was Neil Young and Pink.

Neil Young was ready for the attacks that were inevitable with this album and he talks about his own convictions in an article for The Age. He had this to say about 9/11.

We also talk about a 9/11 mentality. No one — not George Bush or anyone else owns the 9/11 mentality. It belongs to everyone who was sitting there with their family watching TV, watching those buildings get hit by those jets. It belongs to George Bush and his family, it belongs to John Kerry and his family, it belongs to me and my family, so I have a post 9/11 mentality. It's just not the same as George Bush's."

comment: John Gibson was stammering throughout his commentary maybe because he knew his argument was weak. Also, maybe he knew that the power of the right-wing intimidation techniques are diminishing rapidly. Gibson knows his days are numbered and it's too late to jump ship and change sides.

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