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The O'Reilly Factor capitalizing on Illicit Sex with Children

Reported by Chrish - April 27, 2006

Bill O'Reilly came dangerously close to saying that Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid don't care about child sexual abuse in his Talking Points Memo tonight 4/27/06, and carried the thread into his first segment with John Walsh. O'Reilly is incensed (yawn) that Ted Kennedy is trying to attach hate-crime legislation to a bill that would establish a national sex offender registry database. Accusing Kennedy and Reid of politicking at the expense of children, O'Reilly exhorts his viewers to go to his website for information to contact the Senators and repeat the big BORe's talking points.

He says that "only fools and people who don't care about kids could possibly object to that national database. But in the Senate, a vote is being held up by Ted Kennedy" (his emphasis) and Harry Reid." He goes on to explain that Kennedy was promised a vote on a hate crimes bill and didn't get it, so that's why this bill is not going to the floor for a vote. Apparently, Kennedy wants to attach "some kind of" hate crimes legislation to the national registry bill (which O'Reilly calls the "child help bill" while on screen it is referred to as the "child predator bill"). He indignantly proclaims it's politics at its worst, and there's no need to "burden" the child help bill with any other legislation - it should stand alone and if the hate-crimes bill is any good it can stand alone too. He addresses Kennedy and Reid, lol, saying every day they dither thousands of children get hurt.

That's when he says that sometimes the folks - YOU (points at camera) - have to send a message to Washington and this is one of those times. Sends them to website, where there are links to the Senators' web pages. Jabbing again, O'Reilly says if the bill is put to a vote it will pass; holding it up will hurt more kids. Kennedy and Reid aren't bad men, he says, they're just playing politics with kids' safety.

This segued into the "top story" - authorities are getting tougher on child predators. One has to wonder how they're doing that without this all-important piece of legislation. His guest was John Walsh, co-founder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and host of an upcoming special "America's Most Wanted" on FOX TV, of which we saw multiple clips and banners with date and time - cross-promotion masquerading as punditry masquerading as news.

O'Reilly said they have to shock the people because the politicians are letting us down and asked about Kennedy and Reid, twice. The first time Walsh skirted the question but the second time O'reilly pushed for an answer he got what he came for: agreement that attaching the hate crimes proposal was inappropriate and the bills should be voted on seperately. The Amber Alert bill, which Kennedy worked on with Walsh, took six years to become law, and he says Americans should be outraged. After tonight they will be, says activist o'Reilly, and hopefully Kennedy and Reid will be jarred out of whatever agenda thay have.

Bill Frist and Orrin Hatch, with whom O'Reilly has spoken within the last 24 hours, are ready to go, but "we gotta get Kennedy and Reid to knock it off."

There was some talk of judges letting pedophiles and repeat offenders off, which will be in another post, and then a plug for the show and O'Reilly said that he and Walsh working together will get Kennedy and Reid to get this on the floor, because it's not about politics, it's about the kids.

Comment: Stop right there. I am not soft on pedophiles or predators and think the registry is a good idea and will be a useful tool. What I AM concerned about here is that a so-called journalist is working with one party and using his immense platform to rally people to be politically active in contacting members of the other party, all the while saying that it's not political. Of course it's political, it's Washington and it's how things are done. Irrelevant legislation is attached all the time and the party who wants the original bill passed has to decide whether to sink the bill or let the attachment ride. Horrible way to do business but there are simply too many pieces of legislation pending to consider them each seperately. Exploiting people's fears of harm to their children is reprehensible and unethical.

If the "help" bill is so crucial then let the hate crimes bill ride on it. Kennedy may feel this is the only way he can get his bill passed, not because it's not a good bill but because its opponents don't want to "help" gay people and other minorities.

I don't doubt that Kennedy and most if not all other Democrats want to see national database happen. There are plenty of bills that don't get passed that are equally important to children - how about a balanced budget or clean air or renewable energy? On a large scale those are more important, but not as emotional - and those are largely Democratic goals anyway. Once again o'Reilly advocates for his party and sics his viewers on Democrats.

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