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History Teacher to FOX: Constitution Says Rep. McKinney Right, Police Officer Wrong

Reported by Marie Therese - April 27, 2006

A retired history and civics teacher named "Jim" from Kentucky called in to the FOX & Friends yesterday morning at 7:40 AM EDT to comment on their Question of the Day, which was: "Congresswoman & the Cops: Should They Indict or Ignore the Slight?". "Jim" had this to say: "According to Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution of the United States, 'Senators and Representatives shall at all times be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of the respective houses and in going to and returning from the same,' so while I don't agree with Miss McKinney's striking the police officer, she actually was protected under the Constitution from being stopped." Host Steve Doocy reponded with what has to be the stupidest comment I've heard in a long time, saying:

"Yeah, well, you know, back when the framers had this in mind, there weren't threats of terrorism where they had to go through all these metal detectors and stuff like this."

Gretchen Carlson added her 2 cents: "Yeah, the rules may have changed a little bit on this one."

Doocy responded "Well, he makes a good point, though."

Carlson: "He does. The Judge. We should have the Judge around to talk about that one."

Brian Kilmeade then read an email from Enrique in Coral Gables, Florida: "'The Congresswoman should be indicted for playing the race card' - which, by the way, she played right away - 'she is not above the law for being a Congresswoman or an average American.' And that's how he feels."


I gasp in utter amazement at the slickness or the crew at FOX News. Once again its well-oiled machine took a comment made by a sane, knowledgeable person and, by juxtaposing it against another comment made by someone clearly ignorant of the law who used the code words "indicted" and "race card", they satisfied their viewers that the Uppity Negress will get her just desserts.

I haven't heard this particular Constitutional argument once mentioned by FOX News' Senior Legal Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano during any of his stints as a F&F co-host. If "Jim" from Kentucky is correct, it would seem the the burden of proof is not on the Congresswoman but on Paul McKenna, the Capitol Police Officer who accosted her.

As for Steve Doocy's comment that the framers of the Constitution did not have to deal with "terrorism," in a way, that's actually a true statement. You see, at the time, the colonists WERE the terrorists. Those distinguished gentlemen whom we esteem today as the founders of our system of government were nothing more than "filthy traitors" who colluded with "foreign governments" to overthrow the "rule of law".

Had there been a FOX News at the time, its message would have been pretty much the same as it is today: "Down with the traitors! God save good King George! Long live the monarchy!"

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