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Shepard Smith Jokes - Because Of Tony Snow Appointment - People Will Think "We're In Bed With The White House"

Reported by Donna - April 26, 2006

Shepard Smith was talking about the appointment of Fox host, Tony Snow, as the new White House Press Secretary and he said that the joke had been around the radio all day that Tony is not really changing jobs, he's just changing buildings. (Comment: Well, it might be a joke at Fox, but elsewhere........?)

This set up a little 'joking' segment with Fox political contributor, William Kristol.

The following is my partial transcript between Shepard Smith and William Kristoll.

Smith said that people would take their cracks as they will but that Tony was only doing one broadcast, with Brit Hume. Kristoll asked Smith what he was doing in Washington and Smith said, "Don't you have jobs for all of us?"

Kristoll: Yeah, I think in fact Fox News could just take over the White House now.

Smith: Some suggestions?

Kristoll: Greta could be White House Council, that's obvious, unless Judge Napolitano wants that in which case Greta could be Ambassador to Aruba or some other place. She has a great deal of experience. I think Brit Hume...

Smith: Secretary of State?

Kristol: You think Brit wants State?

Smith: Whatever he wants.

Kristol: That's my attitude, too.

Smith: This is what the world is going to be saying though. Tony appearing on Brit's show tonight, not doing the others, and we're in bed with the White House.

Kristol: That will end quickly enough.

Comments: Ha-ha, so funny. But, not really. Does Smith really think it's a joke that people will be saying that Fox is in bed with the White House? He hasn't heard this before? Does he really think that people are just going to start saying this because of Snow getting the Press Secretary position? Time to wake up, Smith, people have been saying that Fox has been in bed with the White House since Mr. Bush took up residence there in January, 2001.

And Kristol's comment about Fox taking over the White House? I think this might be a case of truthiness instead of humor.

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