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O'Reilly Identifies With Tony Snow

Reported by Deborah - April 26, 2006

Tonight Bill O'Reilly was less self absorbed and made Tony Snow the victim of those nasty "far left smear sites" instead of himself. During his Talking Point Memo, O'Reilly claimed it took only 10 seconds for the smear sites to start going after Snow and since " mainstream journalists are in the pocket of these sites, the propaganda ends up in the papers." Howard Dean and the DNC also got some heat for crticizing his friend and when Ari Fleisher joined him to talk about Snow's new job, Helen Thomas got her dose of disrespect. 4/26/06

O'Reilly complained that the far left accused Snow of being a shill for Bush and also bashing him. He must have been referring to the post on Think Progress. Then he smeared Howard Dean calling him "unhinged" and claimed that liberal radio " had the ear of the media" which sure contradicts everything he's said in the recent past about the failure of Air America Radio.

When Ari Fleischer came on, O'Reilly was more interested in knocking the press corp than talking about Snow's new job. He told Fleischer, " I would never face these people. Some of them are rotten human beings." Fleischer agreed that at times he felt like a "human pinata". O'Reilly complained that the press corp tries to make " you look like a horse's ass."

O'Reilly told Fleischer how he would handle Helen Thomas if he were Press Secretary explaining that she is the most "blatant example" and he would say, "Madam, we know what your agenda is..." Fleischer didn't look like he supported that plan and also shot down O'Reilly's claim that the Press Sec. wasn't a "shill" for the administration stating " you are speaking for someone else" implying that shill is really a job description.

comment: The American people looking for truth are the main victims in this situation, not Tony Snow, who is only the victim of his friend O'Reilly's paranoid hysteria.

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