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Talking points on the Big Story

Reported by Chrish - April 25, 2006

The Big Story skipped around today 4/25/06 but like a stone across a lake it lightly bounced off some familiar talking points.

1. Be afraid. The tape recently released that shows Al-Zarqawi is a reminder that "terrorist attacks are going to continue even though there is this new Iraqi government." (Bret Baier)

2. Democrats bear responsibility for today's high gas prices. Most Democrats are against drilling in ANWR, off the coasts of CA and FL, NC, and SC so are responsible for our foreign oil dependency and today's high prices. (Gibson, Rep. Joe Barton, R-TX)

3. Democrats are attack dogs. Democrats "rip" Bush's plan to lower oil prices. Nancy Pelosi "blasted" House Republicans for failing to work with Democrats...so what is the Democrat plan? (Gibson)

4. Howard Dean wants to cut and run. Today's tape reminds Gibson why we fight and why we have to continue. These are not people who will be satisfied if Howard Dean brings home the troops. A retreating American Army will just leave a trail for bin Laden and Zarqawi to follow and attack again. See #1.

5. "Exotic dancer"/accuser didn't take precautions (asked for it). The "propriety" of her conduct was called into question in an interview with a fellow stripper. It is inferred she did not have the right to expect to not be raped because she did not have a chaperone or bouncer go with her and she did not wear street clothes and change once inside. (Megyn Kendall) Comment for trolls: Yes, Kendall was just reporting that "soundbite" from another dancer, but that they chose it and aired it is the FOX producer's doing.

6. Duke accuser has "motive". Whatever her motives are in this case, it's not PR. (Megan Kendall, who saw accuser today and reports that she wants nothing to do with the media. Gee, I wonder why. Gibson goes out of his way to reiterate that if she wanted to talk to the media, she had a chance today - good work, Megyn.)

7. Bad guys in high gas prices are Iran and Venezuela. "If you're going to get angry at someone, don't get angry at perhaps oil companies that are some of the biggest employers in the country, who pay some of the most in corporate taxes, who are a big part of the S&P 500, get mad at countries like Iran, and Venezuela, sworn enemies who are making hundreds of billions of dollars off of the oil that they sell". (Terry Keenan) Oops, forgot Saudi Arabia again.

8. Liberal Northeast soft on child molesters. Discussing a case in Boston where a judge chose to not revoke a child-molester's probation, instead freeing him with an ankle bracelet: "This has been a continuing issue, especially in the Northeast. We've seen this in Vermont, and now in Massachusetts, a couple times I guess." (Gibson, Napolitano) Comment to trolls: neither I nor anyone else here defends child rapists. Two cases does not indicate a trend. If it did I'm sure we could dig up a few unsavory stories of sexual deviancy in red states, starting with Neil Horsey, er, Horsely.

Comment: Sometimes it's so subtle, so interwoven into the style, that it just washes over people.

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