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Gas Prices Catastrophic - Democrats Worry About The People, Republicans? They're Worried About The Fall Elections

Reported by Donna - April 25, 2006

While gasoline prices have nearly doubled since President Bush took office, we found out on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.)that the Republicans are worried that this is going to hurt them in the elections this November. Did they say they were worried about the American people trying to survive these high gas prices? No, they have the elections on their mind. Priorities, priorities.

Hemmer went to Wendall Goler at the White House who filed the report. The following is my transcript of the segment.

Wendall Goler: The president said the long term solution is to power our cars with something other than oil but he's under pressure to do something about gasoline prices now. He announced a temporary halt to filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will at least stop the government from competing with consumers to a certain extent.

Video of President Bush:

President Bush: Our Strategic Reserve is sufficiently large enough to guard agaist any major supply disruption over the next few months. (Comment: That's comforting, isn't it? A few months!?) So, by deferring deposits until the fall we'll leave a little more oil on the market. Every little bit helps.

Wendall Goler: Gas prices have nearly doubled since Mr. Bush took office. He's also expanded the Federal Investigation into price gouging. (Comment: And how serious is this investigation?) Republicans are worried gasoline prices will be an issue in the fall elections. (My emphasis) Mr. Bush asked oil companies to invest their record profits in new refineries and he asked Congress to cut the environmental and other regulations he said are the reason that refineries haven't been built in this country in 30 years. (Comment: It's the enviromentalist's fault and I bet it's Clinton's falut, too)

He's asked the EPA to relax fuel (blend? the word was hard to make out) rules which are in place to cope with local pollution and also rules he signed last year governing the switch over from MTVE to ethanol in reformulating gasoline to ease shortages that have already occurred.

Democrats say with it's ties to the oil industry, the Bush Administration should have known we faced the 'Perfect Storm' in gasoline prices this year.

Switch to video of Senator Ron Wyden (D - Oregon)

Senator Ron Wyden: This is an Administration that is almost marinated in oil. One official after another has a history and a background in the sector and yet where was the Department of Energy? Where was the Environmental Protection Agency? Where was the Commodity Fiuture Trading Commission at a key time in our country's energy future?

Wendall Goler: Democratic Congressman, Ed Markey, says the Energy Bill the president signed last year was an historic failure and he said $75 a barrellfor oil was a tribute to it.

Comment: I will say that Fox kept it somewhat fair and balanced but the president got most of the time. What really got me was that the Republicans weren't concerned at all about the American people -- they were whining about how this was going to hurt them in the fall elections.

That right there ought to give you the picture of where these Republicans stand - not for the American people, for their elections. At a time when many people are suffering from these ridiculously high gas prices, the concern belongs on those struggling to make it through the worst of times. And aside from not caring about the American people where do they hit next? You got it - get rid of environmental protections. Did we hear one Republican blame the Bush Administration for gasoline almost doubling since he took office? That would be 'no.'

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