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Fox - Democrats Already Found A Way To Link High Gas Prices To The Unpopular Iraqi War

Reported by Donna - April 25, 2006

The high price of gasoline was at the top of the stories on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. Once again like they did on Fox News Live, they went to Wendall Goler for the story. The Republicans were again put in the unpopular position of whining about this hurting their chances at the polls this fall.

Meanwhile, Goler said the Democrats didn't take long to link the high gas prices to the unpopular war in Iraq.

My partial transcript from Wendall Goler's report:

Wendall Goler: Under fire from Republicans, who worry the issue will cost them seats in the House and the Senate this fall. Democrats have already found a way to link the high gas prices to the unpopular war in Iraq.

Switch to video of Senator Barbara Mikulski (D - Maryland)

Senator Mikulski: What happened to Iraqi oil, Mr. President? What happened to Iraqi oil? You said Iraqi oil was going to pay for the bill for the war. Ain't seen no money. Ain't seen no oil.

Comments: Once again Fox tries to put the Democrats on the defense by saying that 'Democrats have already found a way to link the high gas prices to the unpopular war in Iraq.' First of all, high gas prices are unpopular to begin with. But Democrats need not be on the defense because what Senator Mikulski said was the truth. Mr. Bush did say that Iraqi oil would pay for the war in Iraq. How many hundreds of billions are we up to now on this war?

And now the huge oil corporations are making record profits on the backs of the American worker. Maybe someone can explain it to the Republicans who are whining that this is going to cost them seats in the House and Senate this fall. Instead of whining, why aren't they coming up with a plan to help the American public? They control everything, they have the power.

Why won't Republicans help the American people and why do they just cry about losing seats in the Senate and the House? Maybe they need to lose these seats to someone who can come up with a plan to help Americans.

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